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Thread: Do Not Put In Your Diaper...

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    Thumbs down Do Not Put In Your Diaper...


    This thread is dedicated to products, or things, we should not put in our diapers because of bad experiences.

    Gold Bond Medicated (the blue one): I was thinking it could be a good product to absorb the moisture but... the feeling was like "menthol", it gave me a burning sensation on my skin.

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    A horse head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error404 View Post
    A horse head.
    Quite funny... but here in Canada, Zoophilia is a crime, an could be considered like an act of cruelty against animals.

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    And the fact that you can't get a horse head anywhere, so if you had one I'd have to assume you got it yourself, which I also assume is illegal.

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    Quite. Let us take a moment to expound upon the niceties of the head of the horse.

    O horse head, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:


    Oh. Well that's too bad.

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    And/or Naga Jolokias.

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    Car keys, chip clips, darts, cotton candy, black light, jelly beans, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, coffee grinds, tooth paste, cell phone, bottle caps, screw drivers, fork, stickers, breath mints, insurance card, usb cable, bubble gum, dollar bills, lollipops, batteries, tv remote, pocket knife, spatula, corkscrew, cough drops, lint roller, hamster, circuit board, rubber bands, a quarter, toothpick, nail clippers, pizza cutter, flashlight, flag of Sweden, .45 caliber handgun (bastards caught me!), fish sticks, dog whistle, a picture of my ex, platinum rewards card, weed, peach cobbler, iPod, matches, free bowling coupon, sticky notes, coke can, candy cane, silly putty (worse than the bubble gum), wireless mouse, note cards, magnets, stamps, paper clips, thumb nails, highlighter, measuring tape, best friends phone number, cd case, Easter eggs, mini stapler, laser pointer, birthday cards, candle, gummy worms, potato chips, tennis ball, brick, slinky, 6 of spades, ping pong paddle, roller blade wheel, bungee cord, whipped cream, hockey puck, marshmallow peeps, diploma, great grandfather's wedding ring, dog treats, joystick, pencil sharpener, paintballs, crayons, super glue, GPS device, paycheck, raw chicken, happy face key chain, ice, and fishing hooks all gave me bad experiences.

    There's nothing to do this early in the morning...

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    Yeah, seriously. I went there.

    Ever masturbate with toothpaste? Probably one of the stupidest things I've ever done. Yet it is still one of the funniest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excelsius View Post
    Gold Bond Medicated (the blue one): I was thinking it could be a good product to absorb the moisture but... the feeling was like "menthol", it gave me a burning sensation on my skin.
    Definitely not a good idea to pt anything that has to do with Gold Bond any where near the nether regions. One day my boyfriend decided to use the Gold Bond on the table nearby as a lube...Let's just say it was not good news for either party.

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