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Thread: Spanking?

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    Default Spanking?

    Anyone else here into getting Spanked or Giving it ?

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    I'm into getting spanked by my girlfriend, but only when I'am in diaper and not in an abusive way. For me, punishment, specially spanking, is an important part of the AB roleplay, but only to correct my bad behaviour.

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    Oh, it wasn't an offer? Shame.

    My mommies and daddies pretty much NEED to do such if they even have a hope of keeping me in line.

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    I like to give out spankings and other fun little punishments. Cuz I let all my anger out on my baby. I kid, I kid.

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    I like the idea of it a lot (giving). It kind of adds to whole control/discipline part of the daddy/little girl roleplay.

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    *grabs paddle* Spankings? I'm ready!

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    I like it alot except I only like getting them because I like the humiliation, humblement, and the sore aftermath. But sadly, I no longer have a partner . Oh well.
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    I'd love to try it, the idea is hot, just have to find sonmeone.

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