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Thread: Skelaxin and Incontince.

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    Default Skelaxin and Incontince.

    I was curious if anyone knows if Skelaxin (a muscle relaxent) might make incontinence worse? I need to take it for my shoulder tendons that are almost to a torn stage and they are inflamed. (luckily I do not need surgery.)


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    Why din't you just ask the doctor who gave it to you, or read the warning labels? I am sure they would know more about it then say a random AB/DL who most likely has no medical experience.

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    Well I am by no means a medical expert, but here is my 2 cents

    From my knowledge, most muscle relaxants are targeted.. as in they only target a specific muscle. Think of it like local anesthetics.

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    Itz gunna maek u incontinent 4 lyf. Seriously though, I hope you're asking out of fear of side effects rather than being anxious for them.

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    lol. I didn't think to ask the doctor until half way home from there. It was four by then and they were closed. I don't need to take them on a scheduled basis... so I just waited until I went to bed last night to take my first one. (So I don't know if it affects me or not still... lol considering hard to tell if something happens when it always happens.)

    You bet your butt I am not anxious for the side effects. The warning labels said nothing of that sort, but a lot of drugs can make other problems worse (which would not really be considered a side effect.) If it does cause it to be worse... I won't be taking them during the day. I don't need to add to that. lol. I will do it at night so by day time rolls around it will have worn off. Some of the side effects are gnarly and I can't wait until I am over these drugs. Ulcers and internal bleeding and such. I definitely won't be on them for more than 6 months. That is when % of those extreme side effects go up.

    I called my doctor and she said their could be a chance of it happening and that she actually should have mentioned it. So if I ever do decide to try it during the day I will do it when I know when I am home.

    Also thank you for that website nyah. I actually did read that one already... but thanks for actually doing research on it!

    Also for Sheepz... I think these are more prone to target neck, back, and shoulder area. So I might be cewl.

    Thank everyone!

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I've taken skelaxin from time to time for back pain. I haven't noticed any other effects on my body other than relieving some but not all of the pain so I doubt you'll see any continence issues from it.

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