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Thread: Buying with gift cards online?

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    Default Buying with gift cards online?

    So, as I figured I should finally get some more diapers, having been dry for a good few months now, I walked over to a convenient store, bought a $25 visa gift card, figuring that all the good producers still sold their products for around that amount, considering I had done this before with bambino's for around $20.

    Much to my surprise, it is literally impossible to find anything more than a sample pack, or anything less than a case, for less than $25 with shipping. Bambino will only sell 2 bags at once, not one. Abri X pluses with the original plastic backing cannot be found for less than 25$ with shipping added, anywhere. Molicare's were a dead end too.

    Very annoyed with this, I bought a cool looking item off of amazon just for the hell of not having wasted $25, as I do not keep receipts (silly me). Later, I saw on that you could buy the thick overnight ones for a total of 24.90 after all costs (unless you live in California). However, the site was complete shit, did not answer my emails, and their line was always busy, and I never recieved a confirmation email, and apparently my order never went through.

    Shortly after, I found a solution to this problem by accident. If when shopping on amazon, and you have bought something with a gift card, and have money left over, you can use that in addition to a different card your using as well. I discovered that, after having around $6 left on the first card, and with the $25 on the second card, I was able to buy a pack of medium X plus originals for a little over $29.

    Hope this helps for anyone trying to buy exclusively online products without a credit card. But then again there's always those $50 and $100 cards

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    Yup I love amazon like that, i practically live off of those amazon gift cards combining.

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    I just did a price check on the Medium Molicare Super Pluses and you can get them w/ Fedex Ground Shipping for less than $25 (unless you live in California) at Abena's are $25.06 out the door...

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