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Thread: The Problem of Privacy and *DBLism That's Coming

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    Default The Problem of Privacy and *DBLism That's Coming

    Hey guys-

    Here's an issue I'm thinking more and more about.

    I'm fairly well-read when it comes to media and the convergence upon us. I'm an early adopter of technology, I read Wired, etc. But something I've thought of more and more has very much disturbed me.

    Let's look quickly at what's been happening recently.

    I see new ads every day for a more personalized Yahoo (that Y!ou ad), which is aiming to make the web more 'personal'.

    My other two Macs I own are wondering why one of them doesn't have the same account as the others.

    Incontinence-related google ads will pop up in other websites for days after I've visited anything ABDL.

    I guess I fear that in another five years, the relative anonymity we can have as users of this site and other *BDL sites will disappear. Please note that I'm not referring to IP and internet anonymity as that's been gone since the web began. But I feel there's a good chance that everyone soon will have just 'one' internet user account for everything- your Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo and ebay accounts, and that having this private part of us will become harder and harder to handle.

    Your thoughts?

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    Butterfly Mage


    You could always get a wireless broadband card on prepaid and use an alias when you initiate service.

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    Yeah, it really has gotten rather difficult to stop stuff like that happening. Personally I just install an adblock plugin/software and delete cookies regulary. You usually get a different IP whenever you router reconnects where I live, so they can't really use an IP to show ads that might be interesting to my household, for example, even if I'm not anonymous.

    I also try not to use services by yahoo or google where you have to log in with a browser (or at all), although I have my lazy times, too.

    With newer browsers there should be a privacy mode IIRC, so that might be a good idea when visiting *B/DL websites you don't trust while still being able to have the comfort of using cookies and extensive web-community-websites like Yahoo.

    When static IPs become the norm with IPv6 I will probably have to use a paid proxy service to keep myself out of those advertising things. But even nowadays those services are really not that expensive.

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    I think a good movement to move the internet to one account for everything is a slow moving process, but will that will happen in some form. From a security standpoint, removing the anonymous capabilities of the internet suddenly makes things easier. South Korea has already implemented several forms of 'you' internet after anonymous postings led to some highly publicized suicides.

    Different from you were saying, but I mostly just adblock and clear the cookies out. Solves that issue for me. The tools to be sneaky on the internet will never die out.

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    Aye. Clearing private data and cookies, Adblock and the Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out add-on, as well as not being logged in for searches and whatnot are helpful measures here.

    I instinctively distrust these attempts to personalise the web which require companies to monitor and target users because it feels intrusive and importunate, but there are ways to assuage the problem so as to make it at least less noticeable. I expect there will always be such ways for those who are concerned and savvy enough to look for them, but there is a real issue in that most will endure theses intrusions as a matter of course and it will become more and more normal.

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    Unfortunetly the world in which we are now living in has become highly focused on breaking down the walls between personal and what's out in the open. A lot of it is based on the fact that there's very little trust in the world and speculation on what your neighbor is doing (while in his own home mind you) is high.

    There will be a lot of over reacting and false blames with a setup like that. I mean how many times have you typed in one thing and gotten a result completely unrelated simply because of a common tag. Is this world going to be run by advertisments now?

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