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Thread: You stumble upon a lamp...

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    Default You stumble upon a lamp...

    And of course, a genie pops out. He says that like everyone else that has released him, you are to be given three wishes, though there are of course some rules.

    *No wishing for more wishes (This includes wishing for another lamp with another genie in it, or anything else you can think of)
    *No wishing for omnipotence
    *No wishing of omniscience
    *No wishing for omnipresence
    *No wishes that would upset cosmic balance/threaten to asplode the universe Scanners style

    Other than that, everything is free game.

    For myself, I would take the following:
    *Selective immortality (That is, I live forever and nothing can hurt me, but I can eventually chose when to turn it off and die. You know, because forever is a really long time :P)
    *The ability to change my gender at will (And with that, my appearance would change accordingly)
    *Ownership of a large, secure company that wouldn't fold or lose considerable profit for at least 100 years, with an annual profit that would put my personal wealth into the top 5 people alive

    Tell me, denizens of ADISC, what would you wish for?

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    I would go back to the day before my accident and take the next day off work, trouble was I never took days off, maybe I should have.

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    First wish: The ability to learn things really fast and without much trouble (including being able to do the stuff I've learned). (This would help my career choice, by a lot.)

    Second wish: No monetary problems to help me finish my career and set myself as the best neurosurgeon ever.

    Third wish: Selective Immortality (with the added bonus of being able to spread it to other people).

    PS: nice thread, I had seen it before but without the limitations you implemented.

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    Hmm lets see,

    an unlimited and secure amount of money (electronicly stored with no chance of it being taken, even if it was there would still be more..),

    I like your idea of selective immortality, except I want to be able to change my age too.

    The ability to turn on and off mastery in any skill I come across at any time. So for example, if I wanted to be really good at playing the piano but not all the time I could choose when to be realy good at it.

    That would make my life complete, I would be able to do about anything rational (by that I mean I can't have laser vision because it isn't a real skill.) and have enough money to pay for it all plus enough lifetime to do everything!

    EDIT: Lol. See what I did there? I made three wishes into like hundreds!
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    My wish would be to invent the elixir of youth. One swallow and it turned you back to 16. I'd make a fortune selling it! After that, what else would I need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    My wish would be to invent the elixir of youth. One swallow and it turned you back to 16. I'd make a fortune selling it! After that, what else would I need?
    Bruce Campbell becoming your personal maitre de? Well, the beauty of that is that you now have two spare wishes to use when you need them!

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    Default these things.

    Wish 1: Ability to speak, understand, read, and write any language perfectly and fluently forever, all slang included as well. Nice.

    Wish 2: Be stuck at 21 years old forever but have the ability to turn into a cute, adorable kid of any age at any time, for any length of time, with a super sweet attendant that is always with me, knows my ability, and looks out for me when I'm a kid so that I can get access to things and go wherever and not have to worry about the most worrisome restrictions due to my being a child. I would retain my adult mind and knowledge and memories when I go into kid mode and die when my time is up, but never age past 21. Neither does my attendant. Just die.

    Wish 3: Billions of dollars that I fully control without any question or challenge ever.

    Sounds spoiled, I know. But this is a fantasy after all, why not spoil yourself? If I had to be more realistic, I would be :P

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    A hand-crafted oak guitar, a shack on a tropical island in the south pacific, and a bottle of Malibu.

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    lol wish 1: be able to switch to any age i wanted to
    wish 2: baby bottle with an unlimited amount of grape kool-aid in it
    wish3: ummmmm.... to be the richest person alive

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    1: The ability to change my body/gender/age/species/anything at will, which no one would regard as odd or awkward, seeing me as however I wish to be seen as at the time. This would be transferable to able to be copied and bestowed upon other people at my will, if they're willing as well, but taken back upon my will. As should be obvious, the ways that my body would have to change would not have to be known by me, and would be determined and carried out flawlessly, with no chance of any change doing stuff like put my pancreas where my left lung should be, unless of course, I wanted to switch them for some reason.
    (I haven't actually found any lamps yet, so I can change the wish as much as I want. :P )

    2: The ability to, at will, take any amount of money that I wish to, in any currency, from my pocket/wallet/similar placething. This would be magically completely legit and there would be absolutely no problems with using it in any way.

    3: The ability to learn and remember anything I want to learn moderately easily, within reason. I wouldn't be able to learn how to float or move things with my mind, nor be able to memorize The Great Gatsby in an hour, but I'd be able to learn a language within a week or so if I wanted to.

    None of that would asplode the universe, right? You gotsa be really specific with genies cause they're tricksy.
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