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    Hi there! My name is GoldenPaws, but you shall (and must, or I will eat your face! >:3) call me GP. 'Baby fur' here, obviously. But I was referred here by my friend Foxxeh! ^-^ Oh, and pardon the excessive smiley faces, it's sort of my thing... heh. Well, I don't really know what to say, but hello! If you guys want to know anything about me please do just ask. :3

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    *Hugs* Welcome GP!

    *Mumbles* Bout time you wisened up and joined the site..

    Uh...I mean...Welcome!

    It's great to see you here man, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy the site!

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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    Heya Golden. Glad to see you came over here after nagging from Foxxeh. :P

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    Something to ask...

    Are you for or against the Halo franchise? (Your answer WILL affect my opinion of you... FOREVER)

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    welcome to the site and dont forget to wipe yer paws on the mat in front of the door

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    Goldenpaws, eh? Did I meet you on #babyfurs or #ddrfurs? I really can't remember.

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    Well, first, what species are you? I am guessing fox... If you have a page at FTT, FA, or other such places, you might like to link it in your sig. Up to you.

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