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Thread: Pants / Pull Up Diapers - they won't work for me... ?!

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    Default Pants / Pull Up Diapers - they won't work for me... ?!

    Well, usually I wear TENA SLIP Maxi at night (sometimes Super) - in the Size M (Medium).

    They're the most comfortable and best absorbent diapers I've tried and fit me like a "glove".

    However during daytime (I'm only a bedwetter, but do have a bit of a weak bladder, and usually wear diapers whenever I have to travel for a longer time by Car / bus / train or fly - or basically anywhere where I will quite possible fall asleep for some time).

    Also the diapers like Tena Slip are "noisy" when changing (sticky tape - plastic cover)... whilst in public this is of no concern to me (I don't give a Sh*t) it is of some concern when I have guests staying with me at my flat for some days (had this recently)...
    I don't want my friends or relatives to know that I wet the bed... but the flat is a bit of a "Loft -style" thing as it has only one (though huge) room and a bathroom & shower room - it's an "open living space" thing, quite nice. but not overly "private" - so the only place where I can change into my diapers privately is the bathroom or shower - but it's really not "soundproof" either.
    so rustling diapers is a bit of a bad thing in that situation.

    For these reasons I tried Pants / Pull Up style diapers.
    The first were the TENA Pants in Super, size M.
    The fit was ok - only in the front area the "pad" was a tad short and narrow I thought.
    They leak - no matter if standing, sitting or whilst sleeping - they leak inside at the leg-holes... leak badly.

    I've tried Molicare Mobile (size M) is the most absorbent style.
    A tad better than the Tena pants - but still leaky.

    I've tried AbriForm Pants... with simillar results.
    and some no name things from a local store - with even worse results.

    I'm a bit stunned by the fact that a real diaper such as the Tena slip Maxi or Super (or even the thin "plus" diaper) will not leak at all usually and the pants seem just not to work at all.

    Is there anything special to them I need to do? or are they just built for people who dribble slight amounts of urine occasionally...
    I'm standing 6" tall, and weigh 80kg (175 pounds) - quite wide shoulders, heavy arms and sturdy legs (boxing for as long as I do brings that with it...)...
    Besides I hate things with childrens-prints on it... (I have hated these things even as a child... I never wanted to feel "childish")

    or what "discrete" but well working products can you recommend (bedwetting)??

    Oh and before someones mentions "GoodNights" or "Depends"...
    Forget it - i don't fit into those anymore - and back in my teens when I did they didn't work very well and leaked constantly.


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    I'll say this again... All "pull up" style diapers SUCK. I've tried a bunch of iterations, and they really, truly do suck donkey balls. While they are of varied absorbency levels, the same thing never fails... The lack of plastic in the wings guarantees leaks around the edges of the leg. On top of that, the cloth cover acts as a wick to draw the pee out to your clothes.

    If you're looking for a decent daytime diaper that isn't noisy during a change, you have a couple options...

    1. Tranquility ATN are cheap, not too crinkly yet still plastic covered, and the tapes are silent if you pull them away flat against the diaper (they'll usually silently tear anyways).

    2. Abena Air Plus are just as good as regular Abenas (minus the issue with the cloth cover wicking fluid), and can be had in absorbency levels appropriate for daytime use.

    3. In the EU, you can get Harmony diapers that have a cloth "strap" that affixes to a velcro area in the front. They are virtually silent when changing, and while they have multiple absorbency levels, the Power version is on par with Abena X-Plus. They also fit slim people amazingly well... The single tape strap thing works really well for people that have hips.

    There are others, too... Abenas in general have pretty quiet tapes and aren't crinkly, and are inexpensive if not buying the X-Pluses. Just keep in mind... Pull on diapers have no protection in the wings, and the cloth will draw liquid away from the "protected" part. Same goes for cloth covered briefs... A little better having the plastic in the wings, but the cloth cover will still allow liquid to permeate out around the leg gathers.

    Your best bet is a quiet plastic covered diaper. If you can find Harmonys (or can order inexpensively from Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland, or find them locally), they're probably your best bet in my experience. Tranquilitys, at least in the US, hold the trump card for cheap, discreet, and quality diaper, so look into them too.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I tried Goodnights and the Attends pull-ups and found that they leaked so badly that I might as well have been wearing nothing.

    Molicare Super (the skinny kind) are a good compromise since they are really thin, aren't noisy at all, and absorb about three times more than an Attends diaper.

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    Im going to have to agree. the pull up style diapers are terriable. if you are going to spend your money on a pull up you might as well as spend the little bit extra and buy a real dapers

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    Why does everyone hate pull ups? I think they are a lot easier than regular ones.

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    Pullups like GN's are OK for smaller guys, but on most bigger guys they don't fit well or hold enough for them to be usefull.

    I like GN's but even for someone small like me they just don't hold enough to be worth buying, unless you add stuffers, I would rather by a quality diaper than waste my money on something that looks cute for a short time.

    If you just wearing and not wetting GN's are great, but you can get the same effect from wearing several pairs of undies and plastic pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepz View Post
    Why does everyone hate pull ups? I think they are a lot easier than regular ones.
    Easier to put on, sure... But they are absolute garbage compared to regular briefs, especially for someone that is incontinent. They work great for older people that dribble a bit, but not much more.

    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    Pullups like GN's are OK for smaller guys, but on most bigger guys they don't fit well or hold enough for them to be usefull.

    I like GN's but even for someone small like me they just don't hold enough to be worth buying, unless you add stuffers
    Odd... I've had the opposite experience with Goodnites. Leaks are inevitable (unless you position yourself properly and let go in small doses), but I've worn them often and found that they will hold a ton, but can only take so much at once.

    Regardless, I don't think PullUps or Goodnites is what the OP is looking for.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Besides, you have to get halfway undressed to change a pull-up. i don't have to take my pants all the way off to change out of a wet diaper.

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    Since Tena works you should use them. Crinkling is not very noticable to other people and if you are really worried you should wear some boxer briefs over them. And tapes don't sound like much either. Pull ups are made for mostly for women that have some really light leaking.

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    Abri-flex special

    Maybe try those, they are expensive as hell though, about 2 dollars a piece. Haven't heard of anyone trying them, but they look like they'll do the job.

    The Video

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