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    Hey there, my name is Matt aka TechPepsi. A few of you might know me else where, well here I am.

    about myself,
    I am 31, living at home with my parents. I work, I work for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I started working there at 2001, now it's 2009. So, 8 years now!
    I am living in California, been here for all of my life. But hey it's home to me. I lived all over the state of CA, south bay is my home. I now live in the ventura county area, nice and safe place. Nothing bad, well I live near a hospital if anything does happen.

    I am very much into media, I podcast. I love technology, computers and gadgets. I also draw as well, it's my passion. It's been something I been doing for over a while ever since I was 8 years old.

    Why I signed here, most of my friends that I met are members here. I just thought to join the bandwagon and join and see what this was all about, here I am.

    I am a babyfur only, no AB but I consider myself a DL. Also the fact I like to be taken care of, everyone needs love

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    Hola & welcome! Very informative introduction (makes me want to go back and redo mine lol) Im sure you'll feel right at home here and be part of many interesting discussions.

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    Ah, hello. It's me, Foxxeh. :tongue:

    It seems you've already gotten settled in with the *B/DL/Furry community quite nicely, so I'm sure you'll have no problem fitting in here!

    Hope to see you in the chat sometime.

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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    Welcome TechPpsi,

    From the look of things, you'll fit in just fine with the ADISC crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechPpsi View Post
    Hey there, my name is Matt aka TechPepsi. A few of you might know me else where, well here I am.
    Welcome TechPepsi. Enjoy your stay!

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    I'm scared now... eep

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    Hi tech, im in so cal to- oc

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