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Thread: DD-WRT - how to use WAN port as LAN?

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    Default DD-WRT - how to use WAN port as LAN?

    This is probably one for mm3, as he has 6 million WRT54G routers, but I want to turn the WAN port on my WRT54GL into a LAN port, so I have 4 LAN ports, not 3, as currently for the router to work with the modem, the modem has to be plugged into a LAN port.

    I want to plug the modem into the WAN port but make that port act as a LAN.

    Anyone know how to do this in DD-WRT or even Tomato? That would be great.. thanks!

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    You can't use a tomato for LAN, silly. Tomatoes are for eating and making good sauces. ^_^

    On topic: Not familiar with it.

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    I don't have any experience with DD-WRT, but isn't it just a case of fiddling with your VLANS?

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    Disclaimer: I am not currently, nor have I in some time run DD-WRT on any of MY production systems (family is another story). But I'm pretty sure TenaTom is correct. Go into your VLANS, and put the WAN port in the same VLAN as the others. There may be a few more switches, but that should get you started.

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    You need to disable WAN in your Basic Setup page (it's the first drop down box) if you haven't already. Then, a check box will appear on the SAME page that says "Assign WAN port to switch".

    Then, Under Setup > VLANs, make sure all check boxes (W, 1, 2, 3, 4) are all under the "0" VLAN, and are assigned the "LAN" option in the drop box.

    And that's it !

    If you still have troubles I'll post some screenshots .

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    Have done the WAN bit, but don't understand the VLAN bit. Screenshot of what to do would be great!

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    I've sorted it. Thanks to the geek who looks like he's just walked in on two old people doing it.

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