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Thread: Most memorable Diaper memories...

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    Default Most memorable Diaper memories...

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I did not see any recent posts, so here it goes...

    what is your most memorable Diaper memory?

    For me it was back when I was 3-4 or so I guess. Me, my Brother, My Mom and Dad were sitting around watching TV one evening and I remember wearing Pullups. For some reason, I got the bright idea of dirtying my Diaper half way, then getting changed, and dirty my Diaper again right after they changed me. I remember thinking it was so funny.

    Whats yours?

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    If ever there was an argument for having your kids use the toilet once they have control of their functions, this would be it! Sounds like something a kid would find it funny to do though.

    There is a similar thread:

    It didn't go down brilliantly with everyone, because people end up reading loads of stories about children using nappies, which can feela little uncomfortable, even if they're memories told by adults about themselves.

    Personally, I don't remember being in nappies, as I was potty trained very young. But I remember having (under)pants with pastel coloured teddybear patterns, that I thought looked like Huggies PullUps from the adverts on TV. I really liked those pants! Anyway...I'm sharing too much...maybe...

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    I guess for me as a bedwetter it was when I was around 6 and started to wet the bed again...
    After about two weeks, a quite ruined mattress and a somewhat frustrated mother (not to mention myself)...
    Well after two weeks my mom decided to put me back in diapers.

    I remember it to this very day quite lively...
    Both my Father and my mother were lovely - they never scolded me for wetting, never punished me or tried to make me feel bad - quite to the opposite they tried to help me cope with it as best as they could.
    So after two weeks of wet nights and cold clammy sheets in the morning it was after dinner when my mom said we need to have a lil' chat about my accidents.
    I remember vividly how uncomfortable that felt (the idea of having to talk about it).
    Mom and Dad sat down with me at our dining table and I was allowed to have a hot chocolate (What a treat ) - She said that until my bedwetting goes away both her and my dad would think it would be the best to wear diapers again. Dad chimed in and said something about it sure can't be nice to wake up wet and cold every morning (I had complained about it before)... I was quiet - it was a huge shock! I mean I was 6 - a big boy doesn't need diapers ... my lil' Sis' was just four at the time and had been fully potty trained since close to a year. I was feeling quite bad - But on the other hand I thought dad was quite right - wet beds don't feel nice.
    So when it came to bed time, mom diapered me again for the first time in years.
    I felt humiliated - I didn't want this... but a couple of days later I somehow had adjusted and didn't want to go to bed without diapers anymore... I had found that waking up in a wet diaper isn't bad - it didn't feel bad at all - quite in a contrast to the nasty, cold wet bed I was "used" to. Diapers made me feel secure - protected (they still do btw.).
    I was sure it was just for a short time (the bedwetting) - the three or four or was it five docs my parents took me to couldn't find a damn thing... all said it happens often and I would grow out of it sooner or later... well damn them - I haven't and am 30 by now.

    yeah - welll that were my first "fond" memories of diapers - at first hate than love.
    For me the predominant factor about diapers is that they indeed do relax me, make me feel all warm and cozy, protected... I sleep more sound, I sleep a lot more relaxed.
    I've tried to use absorbent bed-pads (those large absorbent sheet things, disposable like a diaper) - but whilst they work you still end up having a wet PJ or boxer-short, T-Shirt, blanket... and it feels a lot colder once whet than a diaper in the morning.
    So for me, whilst I need the diapers for bedwetting to this very day, I really came to like them.

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