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Thread: Which War?

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    Default Which War?

    If you had to fight in any war in history, which one would you choose? Which one would you never ever want to have fought in?

    For me:

    I would have wanted to fight in the Spanish American War, b/c it was such a quick war for America and it wasn't filled with as much suffering such as that of WWI

    The one that I would not want to have fought in would be WWI, mainly because of the length of the war and the hardships you would of had to suffer.

    So, you thoughts/opinions?

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    I'dve fought in the Battle of Hastings. With a tank and guns.
    Not a real war but I want to be revered as a person to be feared/worshipped for my advanced technology.

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    Japanese revolution at the end of the Togagawa regime in the 1850s.

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    World War II

    Who wouldn't want to storm the beaches of Normandy with Tom Hanks?

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    If given the option not to, I would never voulentarily choose to participate in a war. Period. War never changes. It doesn't matter which tools we use, which era we're in, who we're fighting. The darkest sides of human nature, if you believe in that sort of thing, is not something I would actively seek out.That's just me though. Nah, I'd just wander off someplace quite like, to play russian roulette all by myself.

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    The Anglo-Zanzibar War, on the British Empire side. No one died on their side, and the war lasted under an hour.

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    1. Iraq war 2003-"current" (Iraq war is quitely dying down)
    2. Koeran War, but only if I get Hawkeye as my MD. :P

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    Interesting question... I'm torn between choosing a trivial war or a virtuous one.
    I guess I'd fight in WWII, as it was worth fighting in.

    As for a war I'd never ever want to fight in...

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