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Thread: TV today BLOWS... reality TV SUCKS

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    Default TV today BLOWS... reality TV SUCKS

    I found out tonight that a show I liked on NBC in America got canceled for no reason. I am pissed about it. I liked a show called 'Southland' which was about the LAPD and as friends of cops and as someone who always liked cop shows... I thought Southland had a chance. But NOOO, network has to cancel the show.

    I swear, I will NEVER get attached to another network drama because every time I do it gets replaced by a reality show or a Jay Leno piece of crap that sucks and is nothing more than The Tonight Show with Leno.

    Network TV sucks. At least here in the US. SCREW reality TV, SCREW celebrities and SCREW network TV.

    Gone are the shows like Dallas, ER, Hill Street Blues, Jericho, and Jericho we hardly knew ye. Your second season sucked and I could have written that better. UGH.

    SCREW reality TV- Who gives a shit about Tools, who gives a shit about celebrities, I don't and I don't give a shit. I don't care. Flame me if you wish cause quite frankly, I've been up for over 20 ours and I don't give a flying fuck.

    I am NEVER getting attached to another US network show again because the good shows get canceled for bullshit and cockshit reasons.


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    Television has always been saturated with crap shows. But be thankful you can at least watch them. Here, I have to put up with Australian television which is so god awful it pains me to talk about it. What free slots the sparse number of channels do have, they fill with those crappy network dramas/reality shows you mentioned.

    I quite literally have to download anything I want to watch.

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    What would America be without our TV shows, such as "The Biggest Loser"?

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    I couldn't agree with you more, Wildthing. It seems that every time my wife get into one of the rare moments, a really good series, the network cancels it. After a while, we became very hesitant to start a new series. I think the best shows on t.v. this year were during the summer, like Saving Grace, The Closer, and show like that.

    As for reality shows, they say they are the cheapest to make. It's really obvious, isn't it.

    I hope you get some sleep, buddy. Works going to be a bitch as tired as you are. I feel for you.

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    Yes, there are a lot of stupid reality shows. It's a bunch of junk. Jay Leno is ten times better than those things, but I am a fan, so I don't mind him having a new show. Also, a lot of shows I like have been canceled over the past few years too. It sucks, but you just have to find something new to watch. Those shows won't be coming back.

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    You have a lot a crap, but then you have a lot of quality TV too.
    The best TV programmes (or 'shows' I should say) tend to be imported American ones, although the worst TV is imported American stuff too.
    Currently I'm watching FlashForward, True Blood, Generation Kill, Hung, Scrubs and Curb Your Enthusiasm, all of which are good (although some of these may have been and gone in America).

    Is it not easy to simply not watch the crap?

    If you want a good cop drama, have you tried The Wire?
    If you need any convincing to see it, watch these:
    YouTube - Charlie Brooker - Tapping The Wire P1
    YouTube - Tapping The Wire Pt. 2
    YouTube - Tapping The Wire Pt. 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Is it not easy to simply not watch the crap?
    Good point if you don't like something don't watch it, do something else. And remember there are a lot of great shows out there. I particularly enjoyed Deadliest Warrior, interesting and bloody a winning combination.

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    Reality TV has hit an all new low. I thought Flavor of Love was bad. Now we have douche bag shows with worse people in them.

    That's why I stick to game shows, soap operas, news and cartoons. They are far more entertaining and tasteful.

    The Young & the Restless
    Cash Cab
    The F Word
    How Clean Is Your House?
    Top Gear
    You Are What You Eat
    Wheel of Fortune
    Star Wars: Clone Wars
    CNN News, MSNBC (not for the talk personalities for either)
    Burn Notice
    House (when there's nothing else on worth watching)
    The Weather Channel (every morning so I can check the time and temperature)
    And a few other cartoons as well as local news.

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    TV in the netherlands isn't much better. Also, the few good series that show up on TV, are imported from the USA, but get aired multiple months (or years...) later then in the USA, so I just download them. I don't even bother to watch movies when they're aired, I'll just download them in better quality, and watch them without annoying commercials.

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    I don't watch anything on network tv other than the local and world news, I watch the news starting with the local at 5 pm and then when the world news go's off I'm gone back to the science, or the history channels or uninterupted movie channels TCM, IFC etc..

    Some of the shows your talking about I have never heard of, I don't care what they put on I'm not that interested in mindless junk.

    (No offence to folks who watch that stuff but I see no point in watching it.)

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