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    Hi, I'm Michael from Australia. I guess I've always regressed on some level during my life but more so for the last couple of years. I'd say I act like a 6 or 7 year old & as a girl. I collect teddy bears with over 60 in my collection so far. Love Winnie The Pooh & Tatty Teddy, they're awesome! I can't wait to buy more but I'm going to have to get a job to do that. I'm not working atm because of issues from my childhood. I guess I never had a chance to be a kid so that why I act like one now. I want to buy some overnight pants but feel really embrassed to do it, even though no-one will really care or think anything of it. Anyhoo, not sure what else to write but thanks for having such a great forum.

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    Overnight pants, you say? Why not online somewhere?

    Anyway, welcome.

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    What Lukie said.

    And welcome to ADISC; anything else we can help you with, just ask. Like what sort of overnight pants did you have in mind?

    Any other interests you might have, why not use the search button and see what comes up? I bet there are oodles of threads about whatever happens to turn your crank. Including diapers.

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