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Thread: What instant messager should I get?

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    Default What instant messager should I get?

    So yeah thats basicly. I want to get an IM that is most commly used and I want to use it for people that I meet here and in community. I have Windows Vista if that helps. I JUST DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DOWNLOAD MORE THEN ONE.

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    IM all your friends in one place

    Pidgin is an easy to use and free chat client used by millions. Connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and more chat networks all at once.

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    Pidgin. It allows you to nearly every network at once. You'll need to sign up for an account on each network you want to use however.

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    There's also Trillian, but it's overly complicated. It does, however, have voice/webcam support. If you just want to chat, definitely get Pidgin. You can get Pidgin+tor for anonymous communicating (if you don't understand this then don't bother). It's also very light on your system and doesn't make itself impossible to uninstall.

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    Yahoo! Messenger!

    Get! It! I mean, get it! Get it!


    Also you can talk to cool people like yahoo Santa Clause!

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    I like Yahoo a lot.

    Olivia just showed me a program called Adium - Download, where you can connect to different chat programs (AIM, YIM, Facebook, MSN, etc). Definitely helps clear up some clutter and keep things more organized.

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    I use Digsby, which is basically like pidgin, but I like it more.

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    MSN Messenger and YIM are compatible now, and that's what most people use for simple chatting...

    Just pick one of those, or get a multi-client thing, like pidgin

    Should also get skype if you wish to get in on group discussions and be violated in the ears by Grizzy or Husky :P

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