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Thread: Failed meetings

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    Default Failed meetings

    I'm so nerve racked right now.

    I don't go out often wearing diapers, or even planning on getting all padded up when I've reached my destination. I usually keep the padding as a bedroom thing only.

    However, this last week I met another diaperfur online. We had planned to meet up at a mutual friends place to play some Magic and hang out padded. I've never really done this before, and I was quite nervous. However, I was also really excited. I've wanted to hang out with other diaperfurs in a normal setting where were just hanging out and playing games. It's sort of the one thing I only want to do while padded, sit around and play card games, video games, etc.

    Well, after arriving at my friends place, I found out he wasn't really interested, anything i suppose, and then the other guy who I had been chatting with never showed up. It made me feel very awkward and out of place. Like, I had tried to set something up that people just didn't want to do. Only, I was under the impression that they were totally down for it. I haven't really gone out and tried to meet too many other DLs before and this was sorta my first attempt to hang out and get to know one of the locals.

    So there I was, at my friends place watching a Harry Potter movie with my padding and Magic in my backpack and this thought gong through my mind, "WTF was I thinking".

    Honestly, I was so scared about how the whole thing had played itself out I got up and left early. Now I'm thinking that it was such a bad idea, I'm not going to make another attempt. I don't think I could handle that again.

    Anyone else have a similar story?

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    I just met up with a couple friends from ADISC. No big deal, man. Don't be nervous. If it didn't go well, then at least you tried. I would highly recommend meeting with people in a non-ABDL way before going any further. It seems like common sense if you're going to allow someone that close to you.

    Our group went to a giant toy store, and started hugging stuffed animals. Then we went to see "Where the Wild Things Are". Nobody even cared. People are too caught up in themselves nowadays to worry about others. Enjoy life and act young, for childhood is wasted on children.

    You'll be happy you did.

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    Sorry to hear your meet didn't come off right (or really at all). I suppose sometimes people are going to bail on you for whatever reason. That will even happen in normal life. I think all you can do is to try to spend the requisite time upfront to ensure that you're really ready to meet with the person or persons involved and that it shouldn't wind up being too awkward. Don't stop trying, though. It's really worth it when you can meet someone who you enjoy spending time with who also has this thing going. Even if you don't do anything diaper-related, there's a peculiar kind of benefit that comes from just knowing that aspect of you is understood.

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    i had a failed rendezvous once with a friend from ADISC who i was meeting for the first time. i think his username is blutack these days.

    we were going to meet in a park, but i didn't really know what he looked like, and i think he wound up being several hours late. anyway, i hung around for a while feeling all nervous, but we never connected. we tried again the following day and it worked better. we wound up hanging out a lot after that.

    keep trying. it's disappointing when it doesn't work out, but it's very satisfying when it does.

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    I haven't ever had an experience quite like that one - and I'm sorry you did - but I have had one or two very minor falling-outs. Nothing really noteworthy.

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    I've never run into a situation like that - not where someone didn't show up at all. I'Ve had my fair share of great meets with people where everyone had a fun time, and I've had my fair share of mediocre meetings with people. The worst I recall is sitting in a McDonald's for 3 hours talking about car mechanics because the other person was interested in that (I know nothing about it) and only had enough self-confidence to talk about that topic rather than something else.

    Don't let yourself be discouraged if things don't work out exactly as planned. It's hard to get to know people properly over the internet to a point where you can trust them enough, and even if people have the decency to show up (or at least call/send an email to call off the meeting) there's still a chance you just won't get along.
    Just try again with someone else - there's gotta be someone who's responsible and who you will get along with.


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    I've had uncomfortable get-togethers once or twice, usually between people I really didn't know all that well.

    The first furries I met up with I had been talking with for months, and met in a crowded public place.

    Personally I prefer cons or munches as meet-up places. Don't fret, there really are many fun people out there in ABDL land.

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    Well the first time I tried meeting someone who knew about infantilism didn't go as I had planned. I was really nervous about the meet up and considered not even showing up myself. When I got out there I wandered around, clueless as to who I was looking for. I was out there for about 30-40 minutes until I finally gave up. I felt like the biggest moron on the planet.

    A couple of weeks later we finally had another chance to meet up and it was definitely worth it. It was, however, extremely awkward for me at first.

    Anyway... I'm curious, you said a mutual friend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabySparky View Post
    Anyway... I'm curious, you said a mutual friend?
    Yeah, we both know the same guy. I'm trying not to throw around names here, so I'll go with Bob and Dan. Dan and I both know Bob. Bob would be our mutual friend. I wanted to meet Dan because he is also a babyfur. So I told Dan we should both meet at Bob's house because we both know him, and because Bob is also a babyfur who plays Magic.

    Bob became disinterested in the whole night shortly after I arrived and Dan never showed up.

    This made for a very awkward night that only caused stress as I started to panic about what I was doing. Perhaps I fail at planning meet-ups. Or fail at just meeting people in general. Either way, it's not a situation I ever want to deal with again.

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    Hi Scalie,

    That's a bummer But if you would want to do something like that again, just hang out padded, maybe order a pizza and watch a movie or play some video games, id be game i've been trying to find some local people to just hang out with. I don't know anyone in real life that wears diapers, and i'm the exact same; only a bedroom thing. but I would like to meet some people in real life, so long as it's kept private and in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. I found a couple of people on rupadded, that seem nice and are local and padded, but I haven't heard back from any of them. well if you would maybe like to hang out sometime let me know

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