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Thread: A lil help for me? WTF really! O.o

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    Default A lil help for me? WTF really! O.o

    OK, I need some help.

    I need names. For a comic I'm writing.

    God I suck at coming up with names. >_>

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    Okay, I'll help. How many characters are there and how many are boys/girls?

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    What genre of comic is it, also?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    OK, I need some help.

    I need names. For a comic I'm writing.

    God I suck at coming up with names. >_>
    Rufus. It's good for either sex.

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    Rufus? Seriously? I'd never thought of Rufus as a being applicable to females. Hmmm. It is a comic though...perhaps she could carry some massive hammer and wear a magic hat. Hats are in right now.

    Valerye- I recommend generating backgrounds for your characters before names. My own name, at least my last name, says a lot about where I am from, where my ancestors came from (although it might not be obvious at first). Perhaps the same would be true for your characters. You might consider country of origin (maybe they're all from the same one), and then consider sub-populations within that country. That would help you come up with some guiding principles in deciding on a name for each character.

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    Girls, Suzie, Linda, Amy, Diane, Lynn, Sherri, Jenn, Ashley and Alicia.

    Guys, Allen, Warren, Norman, Dave, Edward, Edwin, Edmond, Jumpín Joe, Max, Mel and Mr. Bill.

    Somettimes a character develops from a name.

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    If your character is a kid, add ie. My main male character in my novel is Joey. In my vampire story it's Mikie, instead of Mikey. Two syllables are nice, as they have a certain rhythm to them. Suzie never felt brave enough to go out on her own, though Michael thought she should try. Of course comics are different. exp. Garfield....

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    What genre is it? o-o

    Names like Joe and Bobby would sound really out-of-place for a fantasy, but names like Nordich and Dreyuss would be out-of-place for a modern story. I suck at names too, though. I use games with Loads and Loads of Characters like Fire Emblem and Knights in the Nightmare for names, usually.

    Also, Zoosmell Pooplord would be a terrible idea please don't come up with it.
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