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Thread: first time for everything

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    Default first time for everything

    well, i attempted to do senri as a babyfur for the first time, i tried her as a babyfur, but then, she turned out slightly adult....
    anywho, lemme know what you think ^_^

    (sorry for the long absence, i mostly lurk these days)
    anywho, here it is
    Baby Sen by senri_wulfe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    *thumbs up*

    good job! ^^

    I thought she was holding a spear o.o

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    hehe, thank you, she would be, but she bought a bunch o paints that day

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    Either way she's adorable ^^

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    Looks good! I thought it was a spear at first as well. LOL

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    aww, thanks so much everyone ^_^ it was my first piece that was ever faved ^_^

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