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Thread: modify paci to NUK 5 instructions.

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    Default modify paci to NUK 5 instructions.

    Hi all. I've been looking for instructions for modifying a regular pacifier with a NUK 5 nipple.
    I've found pacifiers with NUK 5, and pacifiers with designs that I like but not both.
    I want to know if I order the NUK 5, and buy the paci that I want, will there be any trouble getting the nipple on the paci I buy? Has anyone done this? is it difficult? are their any special instructions for the conversion?
    Thanks for any input :p

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    If you get a button paci, it shouldn't be that hard to modify it, I would think. It'd be difficult to get everything taken apart and put back together, but with a bit of hot glue, a screwdriver, and patience, it'll work. I'd be willing to help if you have a picture of the smaller paci you want to modify with the nuk 5 nipple. Sorry, I'm not really good at modifying pacis unless I do it in real life.

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    nice. I'll get a pic of the paci I want to mod and put it here. Thanks for your help.

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    NeiNei, thanks! I've got pictures of the Paci that I have, and actually, I've now taken it apart. I think I could do one myself, and post a thread on how I did it. You think I should start a new thread with how-to in the wiki?

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