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    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I am seeking to purchase diapers that perfectly replicate the Pampers that were sold in the EARLY 80's era for a very short time. These diapers were one size up from the purple coloured Toddler size diapers. These were exclusive in that they were sold only in large version boxes and were the only ones that had the refastenable tapes. They were noticeably thicker than the purple box sized ones, and noticeably stronger in the "sweet" Pampers scent. Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent the

    Quote Originally Posted by e-mail to
    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am currently seeking a source to purchase diapers from, on a regular basis. However, I am particular in the type of diaper that I seek to purchase. I notice that you offer a diaper that almost perfectly replicates the Pampers of the late 90's era with the one large tape per side. This diaper is the only one that comes close to the diapers that I seek to purchase on a regular basis are the ones that perfectly replicate ALL features of the Pampers diapers that were sold in North America at around the 1980's era. This would be the diapers that were one size up from the "Toddler" size (purple box), and were exclusively sold in large packs only. They colour I believe is orange. These diapers were noticeably even thicker than the purple box sized diapers, and also featured a refastenable tape per side, intended to allow multiple wettings without the need to change. These diapers also had a noticeably stronger version of the "sweet" trademark Pampers scent that I love so much. If you can direct me to a company that sells an adult version of diapers that directly replicate the very diapers aforementioned, I would greatly appreciate it. So once again, just to recap, I would like to purchase diapers that possess the following features:

    -STRONG "sweet" Pampers scent

    -plastic covering of the 70's to 80's style

    -"stay-dry" elastic gathers on the side that were released in the early 80's

    -fold over style of the 70's and 80's

    -VERY THICK (the thicker the better, intended to sustain overnight adult wettings with little to no risk of soak through)

    -one tape per side (obviously one thick tape if it's in an adult size)

    -and most important of all, this diaper must mimick EVERY feature of the above diaper listed but is enlarged in EVERY dimension (including thickness) proportionately to accomodate an adult size from 32" to 44".

    Please direct me to a source that either can, or does manufacture such a diaper that meets the above criteria. I am most certain that there will be a HUGE demand for such a diaper. Thanks in advance.

    M*** C***"
    Those of you who would desire such a diaper, I strongly encourage you to submit a similar e-mail to all of such places that sell these diapers. The greater the demand, the more likely they are to manufacture and sell these very desirable diapers.

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    Somehow I don't think they're going to follow suit with actually either producing such a diaper, or directing you to somewhere where it's made. The adult diaper marked isn't exactly huge to begin with, then you narrow it down to AB/DL's, then narrow it even more to those who actually want baby-like diapers for adults. Basically it's a small niche, that several emails wouldn't convince or encourage them to do anything about it. If such a diaper does exist, I doubt they would send you to where you can find it, as that would be potential business they would lose. Good luck though, but you might be stuck with whatever is available.

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    Abuniverse does make a Pampers replica of the late 90's pampers baby dry with the bears and balloons on the taping panel.
    they call theirs "super dry kids " they can't use the Pampers name.
    I would also like to see a Pampers replica like your discribing or one
    like they early to mid 70's Pampers.

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    I doubt that anyone will realign a machine to do much more than tweak an existing product.
    I seriously doubt that the ABuniverse diapers are much more than a store brand diaper hacked
    to one tape on each side. To reproduce early pampers they would need to increase the pulp
    and find a way to keep it from falling apart the first time someone actively moved in the
    I imagine the only way to get such a product would be for a number of like minded folks to buy
    some old equipment and take a stab at making what they wanted. Perhaps making enough to
    sell limited runs along the way.

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