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Thread: Going for the big step forward

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    Red face Going for the big step forward

    I need to go to town on the bus tomorrow to collect my train ticket and I am considering wearing an adult diaper. I am really looking forward to it and will possibly decide to wet in public. I have worn diapers in public before but they were only drynites, this time I want to go all out. I have some jeans to wear, a long-ish jacket and a white t-shirt all ready. Just a quick question though; Is there anything else i can do/wear to make wearing these diapers in public any easier because at the moment, I'm just a bag of nerves about how i think people might notice etc? Thanks

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    The only thing is to wear something like boxer-briefs over top to compress them and reduce crinkle sound.

    But, don't worry, I'm wearing a bambino out to the movie right now and no one will notice. I put a big post on my blog about wear diapers out in public...check it out.

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    Personally I don't wear underwear over my diaper because it makes the bulge more obvious. Instead, I'd say wear jeans and a belt. This serves the same purpose for me without adding to the bulk.

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    I never have done it but it does intrigue me sometimes. All I can say is a famous quote from Darkfinn I think: "Nobody in the real world gives a fuck what you use as underwear" Or at least a paraphrase. It is true cause we don't walk around towns trying to listen to people's diapers crinkle. But good advice is to not wear briefs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    Personally I don't wear underwear over my diaper because it makes the bulge more obvious. Instead, I'd say wear jeans and a belt. This serves the same purpose for me without adding to the bulk.
    Boxerbriefs will reduce bulge...briefs won't (usually).

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    Butterfly Mage


    And nobody listens for crinkle - only other ABDLs. You should be fine. If you can, bring a spare dry diaper just in case you need to change.

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    I go out a good bit in diapers. like babymick, I wear them to the movies and when I think I'll be places with a nasty potty. Most of these times, I wear compression shorts. I don't hear any more crinkling than normal, and they help keep the diaper from leaking if i wet too much. I don't notice any 'puffing' more than when I don't wear the shorts.

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    So you want to keep it discreet and calm your are some ideas from my experience. It's likely I'll say nothing new though. And you may find others ways work better for you.

    1. As some other people say, wear (under)pants over the nappy. I do this and I believe it serves a few purposes. First, it reduces any crinkle noises. Also, it might help hold the nappy in place and stop it sagging when wet. In addition, you can pull the underpants over the waist band of the nappy to help stop it sticking out.

    2. Fold the top of the waist over so it comes up less high and pull your pants over it. This makes it stick out less and stops any lose bits from making crinkle noises.

    3. If you are going to wet, use the toilet before putting the nappy on, then pee immediately in it and as often as you can thereafter, until the nappy is full, which should take hours. For ages I used to hold it in, then wait 'til I was too bursting because I preferred the dry nappy. But, it works way better with small amounts bit by bit, and leaks are not such a worry, because you can kind of monitor it, and work out how much the nappy can hold.

    4. Avoid adjusting, touching or pulling at the nappy in public. Sounds obvious, but when you're nervous it's tempting to 'check' it. There's no better way to draw the attention of strangers to your butt then to look nervous and keep touching it!

    5. Be aware that when you bend over, the bit at the back might show. As you've said, you have a longish jacket. Good call.

    6. Have a plan in case of leaks. Chances are you won't have any, but having a jacket to tie around your waist or a long hoody or something might lessen the worry.

    7. If you do wet, be aware of your posture and facial expression while doing so! Chances are, you'll be cool about it. But straining isn't going to be discreet!

    8. As everyone says, relax knowing that it is unlikely anyone will notice you're wearing.

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    Exactly. There is really no need to be scared. Just be normal. Also I believe that the crinklying sound is intensified to the one who is wearing. It has been in a quite house (and to me the crinkling is obvious... but the girl who was there with me had no idea.) I have worn all day around her without her even know. In the house, movies, dinner, shopping. So you should be good. And looks like you have taken the good precautions. Long shirts = +++

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    Wearing a long jacket definitely helps a ton. Bringing a change is also a good idea(or a pair of regular underwear). Having a backpack is definitely gonna help with this because then you have somewhere to store them. The biggest thing has to be just relax, ive worn out in public on many occasions, even with parents and i highly doubt that anyone even has thought about it for a second that i was wearing. Dont panic if something happens either, if someone saw the waistband odds are they would just shake it off as nothing because its none on their business nor do they probably care. Good luck and have fun.

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