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Thread: Your bedsheets!

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    Default Your bedsheets!

    I hope this subject hasn't been discussed to death! I couldn't find it using the search tool.

    I really like children's bedsheets! They are so much more fun than the ones intended for adults. Do any of you guys have any bedcovers you'd like to share?

    My partner and I were looking at bedsheets online last night, because we only have really boring ones. My favourite were these ones: Pretty Pony Horse Children's Bedding - 3 pc Full / Queen Set only $89.99 whereas my partner really liked this: Boys Outer Space Satellites Navy Blue Bed in a Bag: 2B56690 Everyday Home Outlet - Bedding, Bath and Window Treatments at Discount Prices.

    I'm really glad there seem to be some nice bedsheets made for beds bigger than just a single size, though they're not that easy to find! All the ones I've found so far only ship to the US. Does anyone in the UK know of anywhere that I could get bigger sized bedsheets with nice patterns on from? (Looking around John Lewis was fruitless!)

    So, yeah, do any of you have bedsheets you really like? Care to share?

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    My comforter at school is The Little Mermaid from Disney, which is cool.

    But a burger bed would be simply awesome.

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    Here blanket got there call Duvet cover you get cover and pillow I buy out UK and there awesome if got guese can remove becuase cover just old blanket you got.

    My mom and dad know i'm AB and wear diaper for medical reason so I have no reason to hid it.

    Here my bedding you got order it from UK those.

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    If you go to Wal-Mart most childrens bedding choices will go up to a double bed. It's very hard to find a queen+, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    My comforter at school is The Little Mermaid from Disney, which is cool.

    But a burger bed would be simply awesome.
    That's brilliant! Maybe for long people or sleeping two, a sub sandwich bed would fit the bill.

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    Why not make your own? I've bought myself some simple dark blue bedsheets and I'm going to add cute rounded gold stars onto it using fabric paint and a custom stencil made from a cardboard box.

    My parents have stated I can have my room however I want, and thus, I'm having it done really cute with midnight blue and gold stars all over my walls. ^.^

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    I guess I'm the boring one... but then again, I don't think kids sheets will fit a queen bed, and I've never seen high thread count kids sheets. Because once you go 1000+ thread count, you never want to go back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    I feel boring. My shits are plain brown. But I still love them.

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