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Thread: I'm new on this site but old to the world

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    Default I'm new on this site but old to the world

    I'm an old man, but hopefully not a dirty one. I'm a DL with quite a lot of AB mixed in and, oh, by the way, maybe a little bit of sissy mixed in as well. I'm straight, married with kids and grandkids but no one else - other than you and some on a few other sites - knows. I'm planning on keeping this a secret and so I'm not even really interested in live meets or anything like that.

    I'm here to check out the site, read a few stories, maybe check the forums, blogs, etc.


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    Welcome to ADISC, bbpt!

    There are tons of old people here, you'll fit right in. (No, I'm not going to give examples of the old people. I'm not that dumb. >.>)

    Knows what? That you're married with kids and grandkids, or that you're an AB/DL?

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    welcome; I am an ancient raccoon, well past 29! We have members even past 60 so let not your age be a worry... We're glad to have you among us. Personal privacy is a concern to us all and we respect each other's.

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