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Thread: Different Words Meaning the Same Thing

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    Default Different Words Meaning the Same Thing

    Do you use the term “diaper” when referring to them?

    Dear ADISC’s members,

    The term “diaper” is stigmatized in our society. It is always used for babies, but nearly never for adult. On adult diaper package, the word is replaced by: absorbent products, disposable absorbent undergarments, disposable briefs, protective underwear, disposable absorbent underpants and other (Source: ISC Home Page). We can make the same observation on

    “Molicare is a brand name of adult disposable incontinence briefs produced by Medline Industries, Inc.”

    (Source: Molicare - ADISC Answers Wiki)
    But baby’s diapers and adult diapers aren’t supposed to be the same thing? They have a different purpose?

    Adults do not accept that they must wear diaper, they don’t want to be on the same level as a baby: impotent.

    No, diaper is a diaper! Let’s not be hypocrites or ashamed.

    What is your opinions on the subject?
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    Of course there have been numerous new members since January and February of this year (2009) But there was a thread called "Call a spade, a spade" which dealt with the same subject in depth. Worth checking out.

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    I'm sorry if I have made a double thread. But as I can see, my search for preventing a double thread have not work!

    "Call a spade, a spade" is now closed so I hope it will not bother to much people.

    Plus, mine have a survey.... wouuuououu

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    It's fine, what with the thread being closed, you have a fair reason to make a new one.

    And your survey results will be skewed. Most people don't use the word diaper very often in the course of a day.

    Rather, the question should be something that shows that it only applies to instances where the person would have to use the term 'diaper' or some alternative.

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    On the internet I use the term diaper exclusively (Damm you americans :P ).

    In RL, though I rarely mention them, when they do come up in conversation (e.g. actual babies) I use about 50/50 of diapers and nappies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesmerale View Post
    Rather, the question should be something that shows that it only applies to instances where the person would have to use the term 'diaper' or some alternative.
    That's what I want to said, thanks to clarify.

    And that's true, it's harder to said diaper in Real Life (because I'm french I say "couche").

    But for my girlfriend, I don't think she like that word. She prefer to use "pampers" even if I have never bought Pampers.

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    I always use the term diapers, but I clicked the wrong dam button! I would only ever use the term here though, If someone brought up the topic I would avoid using the term (unless it was babies, that case it doesn't matter). My mom is a nurse and she uses the 'correct' term for everything (genitals, diapers, things like that). Sometimes she tells stories of what happens on her ward and often uses the word diapers. It drives me crazy, everytime she does it I have to fight the flood of thoughts that fill my head and try not to blush.

    I also kind of like it, It makes me feel that she would be more accepting if she ever found out, *cringe* still a bad thought. She definitly wouldn't think it discusting, She told a very detailed story of how she had to change this full grown woman. She said it was like she had to baby her through everything.

    Still, if I was to talk about adult diapers with a friend or even my mom (which I don't know why I would) It would have to referred to as Protective underwear or something else of the like.

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    You ask a sensible question Excelsius. If I was talking about adult diapers in the context of a person with no ABDL desires but with a medical condition, I would say something like 'disposable underwear' or 'incontinence pads' or to specify the type, I might say, 'the ones with tapes'. But, if no person's dignity would be jeopardised by it, I'd prefer to just say 'pad' or 'nappy pad'. That's the other thing of course, as I'm British, it would be 'nappy' rather than 'diaper', but the same sentiment is there, right? The words we use for baby things, we might not use for adult care things.

    Another example is bibs. I have family who work with very elderly people who need to be spoon fed with an adult size bib on. But, these they call aprons. And rightly so, I agree with the original post in that adults don't generally want to be put on the same level as a baby. Some of us like to experience having less independence and dignity in specific ways, but if after living a respectable and hard working adult life, we had none of this acknowledged and were babied, that'd be a very sad thing.

    Sorry to be annoying Excelsius, but in your original post, you wrote 'impotent'. Did you mean 'incontinent'? Or did I misread? Your English is far better than my French

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elli View Post
    Sorry to be annoying Excelsius, but in your original post, you wrote 'impotent'. Did you mean 'incontinent'? Or did I misread? Your English is far better than my French
    I was meaning impotent: Lacking in power, as to act effectively; helpless.

    But I don't know why the word "diaper" can affect dignity of adult except by population's consensus.

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    I mostly use the term "diapers." I'd say that more than 50% of my customers ask "where are the "Adult diapers?" Others ask "where are the incontinence products?" I don't think I have ever had anyone ask "Where is the adult protective underwear?"

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