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Thread: 6th Grader Sues Dad Over Grounding - And Wins

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    Default 6th Grader Sues Dad Over Grounding - And Wins

    6th Grader Sues Dad Over Grounding - And Wins - ParentDish

    Pfft, only in -- oh hold on. This happened in Canada. My mind has been blown.

    "Either way, he doesn't have authority over this child anymore. She sued him because she doesn't respect his rules," Beaudoin said. "It's very hard to raise a child who is the boss."

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    Kim Beaudoin.
    If I ever need an attorney in Canada I'll be sure to stay away from that one!

    If a child is in custody of one parent shouldn't that parent have authority over said child? I should have taken my parents to court when they wanted me to brush my teeth.

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    [searching database for appropriate response]
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    [defaulting to self-destruct mechanism]


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    Ok, seriously, if a parent can't even punish their child anymore, what is the world coming to? It is the duty of parents to raise their kids up right; if a child misbehaves, you punish them appropriately, that is how it has ALWAYS worked, because that is how it SHOULD work. If a child's inappropriate behavior cannot be corrected, they'll grow up thinking they can do anything they want.

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    And he had custody. CBC News - Montreal - Quebec dad sued by daughter after grounding loses his appeal My mind is also blown.

    I don't get it. The daughter couldn't enter into a binding contract. I can't think of an abuse argument. Unless the mother had prior custody, and had entered into a future contract on the child's behalf... no, I just don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    6th Grader Sues Dad Over Grounding - And Wins - ParentDish

    Pfft, only in -- oh hold on. This happened in Canada. My mind has been blown.
    Funnily enough, this dovetails into a conversation that a friend and I were having earlier.

    Specifically this: it has now been demonstrated that child and parent--custodial parent, in this case--are not "good" for each other. So here is the crux of the issue: can the father now turn around and impose emancipation on the child? I would hope so, because there is no way on earth that it will be fair to hold this guy accountable for the future actions of a child who gets this butt-hurt over a grounding. Failing this, I wonder if the father can/will sign over in loco parentis rights to an institution, like Juvenile Hall, until the child reaches 18?

    Doing anything less will cost this guy, and I'd be curious to see a challenge brought up affirming the need for responsibility, yet appointing a designated guardian if the liability is too high for the parent(s) to handle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    Oh, sure, take the short way out!

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    I'll just say this: if my child turns out to be this disrespectful, I'll help them pack their cute li'l things so they can have all their things at the adoption agency.

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