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Thread: Hi everyone, I'm new

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    Smile Hi everyone, I'm new

    Hi there. My name is Katie and I am a nappy (diaper) lover from London. I am glad this website is back again because of the problems it had not long ago.

    I am not totally sure of the difference between a teen baby and a diaper lover but I like wearing nappies mostly at home but I have worn them under a loose skirt if I go out shopping etc. As I am in my 20's then I guess I am not a teen baby.

    My favourite nappies are the Abena ones which you can now get via mail order because they are so thick, comfortable and absorbent although it was a shock when I ordered my very first box and the delivery guy struggled to carry the massive box thru my front door with 3 packs of nappies inside and a label saying Abena splashed acrossed the outside of the box. I'm sure he knew what they were and I must have had a face as red as a beetroot.

    Anyway I am sitting here now introducing myself (again) in a nice dry thick Abena abri-form nappy on my less than reliable computer.

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    Well welcome to the site. Hope you have fun here and are able to enjoy yourself.

    And don't be to shy to post.

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    Hey... welcome to the party!

    Gotta watch that when ordering cases of diapers... half the time they aren't in a plain box... which could be problematic. LOL

    Anyways.. I hope you enjoy your time here!

    C'ya around...

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    Hi Katie! I'm Nikki and I'm glad to welcome you back to ADISC.

    The difference between a teen baby and a diaper lover is simply a teen baby or adult baby in my case is someone who regresses to infantism sometimes, nappies, paccifier, crawling around on the floor, the whole bit where as a diaper lover just feels comfortable in diapers.

    Great to see you back with us again.

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    hi katie! welcome to the wonderfull world of adisc forums

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    Hi Nikki, Darkfinn & Martin. Nice to meet you all.

    Yes, I learned from that first time I ordered nappies in bulk but as I preferred the Abena nappies and ordering over the phone/internet to buying them in the local Boots Chemist then I was equally shocked because the next time they came the box was plain.

    Thanks for the explanation Nikki. I guess I am more DL than TB but I do have a couple of nice all-in-one footed pyjama suits that are really nice and warm to wear around my home with my nappy underneath. I don't have any dummies/pacifiers but I do sometimes like to crawl around on the floor and of course I do still have my nice big teddy bear for those cold or scary windy nights.

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    its nice to have some others join. hope you injoy your self

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    you sound a lot like a tb then but the idea of where you fit really is all up to you. How much of a baby do you want to be? I'm 23 so of course an adult baby and I have a mommy and a pink bunny rabbit that I like to snuggle with. I also have a sippy bottle. Am working on getting other things but money is weighing me down atm. Does your teddy bear have a name? My bunny hasn't got one unless pink bunny is a name? :p

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    i wodent think you have to have a pink bunny it can be blue. i figure if you arnt dowing anyting yourself ar a adult baby or teen baby.

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    Hey Katie, welcome back to the new forums. Sorry to hear about what happened, but I'm glad you now have abenas. Enjoy it here and don't be afraid to post, this place is great, I know you're going to love it here.

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