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Thread: Getting diapers at the airport

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    Default Getting diapers at the airport

    I know i see airport topics come up all the time but since where im at i dont have much time to go search for the info i figured it would be quicker just to ask.
    I should be flying home here in the next week or so and was trying to see if there is any way i could possibly get some kind of diapers at the airport. It would sorta make sense for them to have them but at the same time i doubt it. Main reason im looking is because with my luck ill end up with a window seat (not normaly bad) in the front of the plane(also not that bad). The problem is with those two things is the amount ive been peeing lately and my back being the way it has lately (got stuck moving heavy gym equitment, i fell going down stairs with it) i seem to be leaking a tad bit. Worst case i know there is a pharmacy right next to atlanta airport which might be like a 10$ cab ride. Hopefully someone can help me out. The first airport im going to be going through is either OKC or LAW (LAWTON).

    Thanks and hope to be home and active on here again soon!

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    Apologies in advance for not being able to help and for asking the obvious question that I'm sure you've thought of...but...why not just take some with you?

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    sorry, im leaving from basic at fort sill... kinda hard to get em lol. Also its something they never knew i had an issue with so i prefer to keep it that way since im getting discharged clean

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    Ah ok, makes sense! Sorry, I have no idea where you can get them. I wonder if there's any stores you can stop off at on the way to the airport? Or maybe not. Might have to just avoid caffine and stick it out. But I hope others can help or you work out a way.

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    Yes, when flying I carry a supply of dry disposables with me on the plane.

    Many airport convenience stores sell packages of baby disposables, but so far I have never seen any adult diapers for sale at the airport.

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    I've only ever seen Drynites in airports in the UK and when I was in America I never saw any in the airport..

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    been in the airport a few times and i have seen a # of things (scared for life over here) but not those maybe.

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    Airports must have a pharmacy... I don't know if they would sell individually... you could arrive early, and tell someone from your airline you have a temporary medical thing (and it isn't contagious) and to protect their seats, if they could please let you know how you might obtain one or two... chances are they would just get the airport paramedics to fish out one or two from their stock and not charge you...

    And you left yours in your luggage or plain forgot to bring some...

    Stopping off at the pharmacy on the way seems best, maybe call ahead so they can have singles ready.

    Honestly, the simplest approach would be to talk to doctor on base, but obviously that would have occured to you...

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    Airports have adult disposable briefs in their nurse's stations or medical offices. Just ask.

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