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Thread: Hey ^.^

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    Smile Hey ^.^

    Sooo, I'm Tyger Lily. I'm 22, a LG/DL, although I do have some AB tendencies at times, and a furry/babyfur. (Anthro... I don't fursuit. =P) I'm from Northern Colorado, but I'm currently in Tennessee. I stumbled across this community a couple of weeks ago and finally found the time to actually check it out. =)

    My little side tends to be aged between 3 and 7, it seems, but I do engage in age play every now and then. I'm a kitty/kitten; (I say that I'm like 10% furry, but I'm told it's more like 20%+ =P) a bit domestic, and a little exotic as well. (Snow Leopard!) =D

    Anywho, I just figured that I could always use more friends, especially one's who are interested in some of the same things that I am. =)

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    welcome around, we share a ton of things. ^^

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    Yays. =D

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    *points to self*

    5 year old tiger kitten ^^

    so, besides cubbing out, what interests you?

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    Awesome, hehe. =)

    Lots of things... like reading, writing, gaming, violin, bass guitar, music, dancing, camping... and a million other things, lol. ^ ^

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    Heh, i got a million and one ^^

    But i am not a musical person... i blame the hippity hop music the kids are listening to these days...

    dear god, i've become my father o.o

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    I bet. =P

    I guess I am... my friend's down here have their jaws on the floor every time they see me again because I'm improving quickly. I have a lot to learn still about getting tone out of the bass with my right hand, but apparently I'm slapping correctly. =) I blame the 6 years of formal orchestra, haha.

    There's some alright hip hop out there... (My friend back in CO wants to teach me how to break dance, haha.) I don't really enjoy any of the mainstream stuff, but I know some amazing underground artists.

    That tends to happen. =)

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    eh, i'd like to trend away from my father, he isn't exactly mr. accepting...

    so anywhimshimfadazzle, what kinda games do you play?

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    I'm sorry to hear that... My parents are rather open-minded, but my most recently explored interests seem to cross the line for them. (Or at least for my mom...)

    Anything that has good gameplay, first and foremost, and then a good story. I play stuff on NES, SNES, N64, PS2, 360, and PC. (I want to get a Wii and LoZ:Twilight Princess.) Lately, I've been playing Soul Caliber III, Guitar Hero II & III, and a little bit of Grand Theft Auto. (Vice City and San Andreas.) Some other favorites are Halo 3, (Mostly because of how funny my brother is.) Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, um... Diablo III looks like it's going to be awesome, haha. I tend to like RPGs and platformers over FPS or anything else... although Survival Horror is probably my favorite, even though I get scared very easily.

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    I no like getting scared, it's scary...

    but i am with ya on rpgs and platformers

    And if you've played one zelda game, you've played twilight princess...

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