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Thread: I apologise

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    Cool I apologise

    I apologise for not being here within a while I've just been overwhelmed with work and the issue of getting online I'm making a post to reform my membership. [: Feel free to move or close this.

    I'm back.

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    Don't be ashamed about this. All of us have stuff to do in our day. Don't blame yourself. Acknowledging it just shows how much you care about this site. You;ll be fine.

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    Can we make a big internet-wide announcement?

    Your real life is more important than your online one!
    People who post once in ever win points in my book. The book of points, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    And you are...?
    I was trying to illustrate this point nicely but this is just what I wanted to say.

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    I'm busy too. We're all busy, but you don't see us neglecting adisc. You have to get your priorities in order, and staying on line and blogging is going to be far more important than any job, supporting yourself, paying the bills, being responsible. I will hear none of it!!!

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