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Thread: whats your favorite band

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    Default whats your favorite band

    whats your favorite band mine is metallica

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    I have two both of them a realatively unheard of Drist and Crush40

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    I know Drist, their awesome. I myself would have to go with The Protomen, and Cee-lo Green

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    I'm not usually into "bands", but I'm really liking The Postal Service right now.

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    As of this current moment, I'm ubsest with the offspring. They have some amazing songs, and their new album is increadable.

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    I cant pick Just One ...But if i had to too...

    Rancid or Bad Religion...

    If i could see Rancid live i could tell you for sure

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    my favorite artist I think is Nas, Its real hard to say which is your number one but he is definitly on my top 10 list and the one Im currently listening to most. I cant wait for the Distant Relatives collab with Damian Marley!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Alright, this is where my previous statement on the other band thread applies; I'm sure Chillhouse can agree on this one haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Asher (from the Band thread a couple days ago)
    I'm pretty sure there have been quite a few threads on favorite bands, etc. I know you're new here, but just for future reference, go to the "search" on the toolbar and make sure there haven't been other threads made on the same topic.
    ...But just to answer the question: The Beatles = my favorite.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Mine (for the moment at least) is Dervish. I also like Blind Guardian, David Arkenstone, Enya, and Type-O Negative.

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