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Thread: I Nearly Killed MYself On Sunday.

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    Default I Nearly Killed MYself On Sunday.

    Hello, ADISC. My name is Will. I'm a bisexual 16-year-old student and musician. And yesterday, I came within an inch of slashing my wrists. I decided, instead, to seek help. I have decided to blog about my road to recovery. Here's the link. Thanks for being here for the year or so that I've been a member.
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    I'm glad you didn't go through with it. I know it's always hard, especially when you're at the very bottom, to try and think of the good things. I'm sure, despite everything you're going through, that there are people who love you, and would miss you immensely.

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    Hey Will

    Glad to hear that you decided to not do it. I know that it can be tough, but just remember that there are those that care about you, and we are here for you too

    Good luck man, and if you ever need anything, we're all just a PM away

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    As far as I can tell you were about to kill yourself over felling alienated and poor grades. The better solution would be to try and be more social and study more in class. In any case, neither of those are really valid reasons to end ones life. I would suggest telling your parents how you feel since they most likely been there themselves and maybe see a consular, plus it will be one less thing to hide.

    Hiding and lying suck ass and weigh heavily on peoples minds.

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    I am glad you didn't. I am also happy to talk if you wish. If it is any help, I also went through dark times, and came out the other side. I felt alienated through my youth, and was amazed to find a compatible crowd when I went to university... I had no idea such a thing existed before then.

    Alienation, loneliness suck. But it is way too soon to assume they are a permanent condition.
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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm glad you didn't try to kill yourself. I tried it several times when I was younger and it leaves really nasty-looking scars that never go away. I hope things get better for you.

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    agreed with everyone... dont do what my friend (carealot) did and cut so reletively often it became second nature, it took a whiile to get her to stop.

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    I'm glad you chose life over death. You did have a choice (as opposed to many others, who want to live but suffer a terminal disease), and as everyone has already pointed out, you've made the right one. Suicide would not only terminate your life, but would also send that of the people around you down a steep hill, creating another mess for them.

    And now comes the hard part...untangling the mess that brought you on the verge of suicide. I'm not sure what broke that 'last straw' last weekend (your blog doesn't mention it), but I'll let you in on a secret: Everyone's grades are slipping after 6th grade - you're just normal! It'll get better once you get out of the height of puberty (10th grade normally), but until then, you'll have no choice but to hold on tightly as your life hits one pothole after another. Most people have been through this (including most likely your parents), so it was a wise choice to confide in your mom or any other adult, even if it doesn't have to be a therapist initially.
    The same applies to your classmates. You're feeling lonely because no one has time to deal with you - everyone else is busy sorting out their own problems. Again, give it some time and try not to make things worse and you'll be fine after a while. After all, you're not gonna cut off your arm if you have blisters on your fingers that'll go away in a few days.


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