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Thread: Am I the only one not getting emails?

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    Default Am I the only one not getting emails?

    I'm having to constantly check on threads I've posted in to check for replies, am I the only one not getting the little email that say that a thread I'm watching has been posted in? I've checked the junk folder, nothing.

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    I expect it's a result of the fact that, as the Moo has already stated, not all features on the site are going to be working straight away. He has a lot of work to do to update & reinstall all of the various 'mods' that he had on the 'old' version of the forum.

    In the meantime just click "New Posts" to see what threads have been added to since your last visit.

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    Also check your spam/bulk/junk folder in case the email got sent there, if the feature is working that is.

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    The User Control Panel is working pretty well for me as far as checking new posts, so I'll live.


    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Disciple View Post
    I've checked the junk folder, nothing.

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    Haha ouch, I know I'm no Hemingway but even conversationally writing, I'm that boring? :p

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    *tosses a mediator bear between charlie and blue* 'dont quarrel, snuggle!'
    bwahahahha nothing like a goober to throw a thread into chaos lol

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    one thing you might try is going to your profile and chosing "edit options" on the left, right under "edit profile." down a little ways there's an option for "default thread subscription mode." make sure you have it set up so that the board sends you an email when someone posts in a subscribed thread.

    sorry if you knew that already. :P

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