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Thread: molicares changed?

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    Default molicares changed?

    This has probably been around for a while,
    but the bag of molicare supers i just got have cloth 'wings' on them, i think they call it air active? also the tapes seem stretchy? anyone else notice this?

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    Yeah, they don't fit as well anymore. The stretchy part of the tapes are also a weak spot that can sometimes break. Luckily, the super plus are still unchanged.

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    Molicares haven't changed. You just got a different type of Molicare. They're called "Molicare Premium" and (as far as I'm aware) are available in normal and super absorbency. They've been around for at least 3-4 years.
    The normal plastic Molicare is still available in Classic (blue), Super and Super Plus (both purple) absorbencies. Usually, the plastic Molicare is cheaper and is thus likely to stick around as low costs is what institutional buyers are looking for.

    Next time, make sure you read carefully what you're ordering. If you haven't ordered the "Premium" variety, send them back and ask for a refund as that's not what you had wanted in the first place.


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    Peachy, that might be true for Germany or other European countries. In the US they have changed the Super to what you call Premium. The Super Plus is still the old version. Another bad move of a diaper company......

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    Yeah the super plus are the only ones in Australia as far as I know that are completely plastic backed. All the others have been replaced with these new ones. I checked a few different suppliers and it's the same everywhere. Even on the Australasian manufacturer's website HARTMANN Australasia there is no mention of the old plastic supers. Shame

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