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Thread: Favorite non-baby/diaper related things.

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    Default Favorite non-baby/diaper related things.

    Ok, so I'm curious. Everyone here has their own interests or likes. Everyone has some favorite things that are not related to the ab/dl side of them. I want you to post a few of your favorite things, in pictures, words, or both and also reveal one thing about yourself, whatever that might be (doesn't need to be deep, just something fun/interesting).

    I'll start by letting my inner nerd out. I collect anime figures. These are some of my favorites, all from my fav figure maker. I own all of these except Reinforce (the girl in the bottom middle):

    My coats. I love my coats. There're awesome. Especially this one (mine's solid color and all black/greyish black. It's amazing):

    Edinburgh Deathwish Duster - ThisNext

    Also, Springer's ice cream in Stone Harbor, NJ. Best ice cream ever:

    And one thing about me. Well, I secretly love being thrilled/scared. I've been skydiving in Australia and it's such an amazing experience! It's seriously amazing. If you have the chance to do it, go. I'm serious

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    I do two things that I believe no one else on this forum does.

    The first is wood carving. I got into the hobby 3 years ago while working at summer camp. I taught the wood carving merit badge for 2 months and really enjoyed it. When I got home I bought myself a set of knives. I've never been too into it until this summer. My friend commissioned me 8 charms so he could enchant them (he decided he's a wiccan) It took me all summer but they turned out really cool. Part of my payment is I get one, a charm of protection from accidents. I'm going keep it in my car. I'm currently working on a really cool angel kneeling on a pedestal bowing over a sword. It's really hard. I'm also working on a flower, which is a birthday present for my dad. I'm planning on doing commissions when I get a bit better.

    The second is water skiing. My dad bought a boat about 6 years ago, and I've gotten really good at skiing in that time. I can currently complete the slalom coarse, which is one of the biggest milestones in the sport. The slalom coarse is 6 balls you have to cut around. It's seems easy but it is really tough.

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    I like drawing and doing artwork, especially mechanical pencil/watercolour combined. It's my favorite hobby. I especially enjoy drawing the female figure and flowers. Planning on doing commissions really soon. I need all the money I can get!

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    I like to brew beer, program and build simple circuits. I also like to watch movies and alot of sci-fi.

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    Sci-fi, TV, movies, programming (though I wish I could stay motivated), music, video games, astronomy, and possibly some things I can't think of at the moment.

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    My family, my law firm, travel, really good movies, stage plays

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    I am a self proclaimed retail historian. I don't know why I find old stores and malls so fascinating, but its fun. I have collected plans, price tags, sale ads, newspapers, and old shopping bags from many of the older defunct stores throughout the years.

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    And messing around with computers. I've recently taken to taking them apart and just figuring out what everything does. (With the help of Google, of course.)

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    Anything dealing with live music, (concerts, torrents, physical bootleg cd's)

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    I call myself a blue collar nerd. I build all my computers, trying to host gaming servers but having motivation issues, and I'm also an avid video gamer in a local clan thats also stumbling.

    I keep track of the maintainence on the home fleet of vehicles. I service my own truck in all of its 93 glory and rust. I tend to help my friends out with their cars. I'm also a welder and training to be a machinist and I'm always struggling to keep my home shop organized while ever expanding what my equipment can do.

    Also my rec room is the party location for all my friends and I regularly host lan parties.

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