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    I personally am not really into the whole teen baby thing. But I do like the pacifier and diaper wearing. Not for me personally, but when a woman is wearing the two. Where can i find good information of pacifier women?

    You can find women in diapers, but it's rare to find a woman that is also with a pacifier.

    any advice?

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    i think this might need to be in the AB section? Personally i don't know, i just know a few and thats all, all i can say is look around

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    Moved to Adult Baby forum.

    A reminder for people intending to reply: Do not post links to adult material anywhere on ADISC!


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    thanks peachy.

    are there any good sites that you don't have to link to?

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    just google daily + diapers.

    Other then that the only good quality stuff you'll see is pay for sites which most are horribly acted anyhow.

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