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Thread: Getting a collar

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    Default Getting a collar

    I'm thinking about buying a collar for myself. Nothing fancy, just something from the pet store. How many people think that is a good idea?

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    I got mine from the pet store, just blue nylon collar with a buckle.

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    DO IT NOW!!!!! I have 8 collars 5 nylon and 3 leather. There is just something satisfying about that buckle of a nylon collar to me.

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    Go for it, they're cool comfortable and a talking point for out in public. In my experience its not normally negative talk either.

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    Go for it, I have a Collar and a choke chain. I am gonna be getting a new one soon from da collar factory eventually

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    I don't see why you shouldn't. I got a collar for a friend of mine for Christmas once. I don't remember why I got it for him (he's not a furry), but he wore it at school for about a week. He didn't get to much crap for it either, and he gets crap for everything. I think the worst insult he got was "what, do you think your a dog?" which really kind of insulted the guy who said it because it showed how unintelligent he is.

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    The whole pet store collar idea is certainly good, in my opinion. Since it's your first time buying, it's wise to purchase from a pet store for a few reasons. First, compared to custom-made human collars, normal collars are dirt cheap. Second - if you buy a collar from a pet store and then decide "This just isn't my thing", you wasted around $10 or so versus a whopping $45 in comparison. But, keep us updated on the whole collar thing - I'm curious as I do not have a collar of my own and was seriously considering purchasing one.

    Good luck!!

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    I got one from a pet store, but for another reason besides furry. Since I decided to go goth, I wanted to get a collar, because 1, I looked good in it, and 2 I loved it! My friend let me wear her's for the whole class, and the next day I got one. Very nice collar, leather, about 8 spikes around it, has a D ring on the back of it.

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