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Thread: ABU 1 tape diapers

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    Default ABU 1 tape diapers

    Anyone gotten the new 1 tape ABU diapers?

    use this thread to post your reviews, pictures, thoughts about them.

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    Where did you get them?

    BTW did you take the pic

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    My friend placed an order with them a few weeks ago and their customer service SUCKS. They're not returning any emails or anything. I'll post a review if we EVER get them, though.

    Reviews I've read are that they're not very absorbent at's all about the 'cute' value only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby_mike View Post
    Where did you get them?

    BTW did you take the pic
    ABU ='s in the thread title

    2, those are the site's pics.

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    These are probably the closest thing to a baby diaper ever produced by anyone in the ABDL market. I actually placed an order for some several days ago, and still haven't received a receipt, or shipping invoice. ABU was supposed to start shipping on September 21st, but they are still listed as a "pre-order" item. If I actually get them, I'll post a description. Others are right - the customer service is reportedly infamous! At that, as anxious as I am, I'm not holding my breath. Would be nice if I actually got them.

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    Well they look cute and all, but I'd want them to be functional, too. I'd want them to be as absorbent as Abenas for me to continually buy them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    They look cool but I won't risk it until some of you actually receive the merchandise you paid for.

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    of course theres also the issue of loose fixtures caused by only one point of fastening..

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