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Thread: Classic shows you grew up with

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    Default Classic shows you grew up with

    I remeber being 8 years old and watching Happy Days and Gilligan's Island along with a few others. Resently i've started watching Happy Days again and I really like the Happy Days Mork and Mindy crossover.

    Richie Meets Mork

    Mork Meets The Fonz

    I think Robin Williams fit the role of Mork really well.

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    well pretty much anything on nickelodeon in the 90's, in the day time we had rocko's moder life, angry beavers, ren and stimpy, doug, clorissa explains it all, all that, the list is endless.

    at night we had nick at nite, with all the classics, happy days, wonder years, mork and mindy, i love lucy, leave it to beaver, adams family, the munsters once again a list that goes on and on...

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    I watched most of the stuff ^ he mentioned in his first paragraph. Including transformers, scooby doo, and batman!

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    I remember getting up in the mornings to watch Gillighan's Island with a side of American Gladiators. Though, Are You Afraid of the Dard was always a favorite of mine as well.

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    hmm, saturday morning disneyon channel 7 was a long standing favorite in my family

    oh and im not sure if it counts, but video hits on certain mornings was. well me mm my bother and sister, and sometimes dad all sat around the kitchen and watched it. while eating toast, it was goodtimes.

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    Absolute all-time favorite that I would beg to stay up to watch: Sea Hunt

    I was surprised and elated to find reruns on one of our new digital over-the-air channels recently.

    Edit: Given the nature of the forum I should add my favorite childhood Saturday morning cartoon, Mighty Mouse.

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    I watched classic morning cartoons like Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and Dexter's Labratory. But my favorite show when I was a kid was Saved by the Bell. :rofl: I loved being a 90's kid.

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    M.A.S.H #1... Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck cartoon #2

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    Some of those old Nickelodeon shows were just great, I used to love Salute Your Shorts, and if my memory serves me right, Hey Dude was almost always on after it, liked that one too. Also, You Can't do that on Television was a favorite of mine.

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    I always watched a lot of cartoons: Ducktales, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Talespin to name a few.
    I also liked the science shows: Bill Nye, Beakman's World, Popular Mechanics for Kids.

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