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Thread: Which Ones?

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    Default Which Ones?

    ok i've have enough money to get something but i dont know what to.
    Cause I was going to get Goodnites cause I dont have any prob. with them.
    but I do want to try the TENA Men Protective Underwear,and the Depend Adjustable Underwear. So out of the three which one should i get.

    remember im 16 so i might wear the smallest size

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    I've tried the Depend Adjustable Underwear, and they did alright. They have some nice features for store bought, and I like the option to put them on like a brief. I've heard the Tena's aren't really the best, like alot of adult pull-ups, but I can't say from personal experience. Haven't had Goodnites so I can't really do a comparison, but I'll be picking some up soon.

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    I've tried both goodnites and depends. Overall, they're both "meh". I'd go with Tena

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    tena maxi!!!1

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    /meh on pretty much all adult pull-ups, especially store bought. I would try to find something with tapes, as even a sub-par store brand tape-on will outperform just about any pull-up.

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    I'm going to advise against the Tena for Men protective underwear, I tried them, they hold practically nothing, they are barely a step up from guards. However, they are very discreet, so that' the plus of them, just don't expect them to have much capacity. So, if your other choices are the depends or goodnites, then go with what you like.

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    Depends max's are ok, walgreens carries a fitted brief worth looking at. Check local pharmacys aswell, they might carry good diapers.

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    Although I never weigh more than 106 pounds, with 29" hips, since I am a mature adult honestly GoodNites do not fit me correctly.

    It has been a long time since I wore Tena. That was during a long trip to England and Scotland. I found those Tena to be fine.

    By the time KCC introduced Depend, I was already happy with Attends Small. Honestly, Depend never acted as if they were interested in the problems of the slender female incontinent adult. Since 1981 whenever I am in contact with Attends they go out of their way to show all body shapes and sizes of incontinent people are important to them, both back in the P&G days and continuing as PaperPak. Of course the features important to incontinent people and professional caregivers are not identical to the desires of the ABDL. My assumption is Attends knows their core customer base and is willing to let Bambino go after the ABDL.

    In 2007 when my husband Don was getting ready to have prostate cancer surgery, he found Depend Adjustable Underwear to work fine for his minor dribble problem. He could easily buy those in many local stores. Those are hardly babyish, and since Don is not AB, he preferred it non-babyish. I did order Don a case of Attends Breathable Large. We still have the bulk of that case.

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