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Thread: Back to diapers... on purpose

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    Default Back to diapers... on purpose

    I might try to get myself back to diapers on purpose (like maybe bedwetting) any other sugestions? Please...

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    How do I say it nicely? Don't. It might sound like a good idea, but it's not. You'll end up in a doctor's office with lots o 'splaining to do.

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    Sorry.. but out of all the similar discussions that arose like this before, nearly everyone that replied said it was a bad idea. And IMHO, it is a bad idea.

    Bedwetting will get a doctors appointment for you, and get you checked out by a doctor. Which may or may not include a series of unfortunate and painful tests :O.

    It also may get your parents worried over you over nothing, which is a really bad idea. Your parent's shouldn't have to worry about something that's fake.

    You should try something more productive... and smart. Save up some change. Some left over lunch money. After a month, go buy some diapers.

    And besides, your parents would probably try everything BUT diapers if you were to wet the bed. A lot of those things aren't fun either... And if you have siblings it could get you in a very awkward position.

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    Okay... I think I'm going to have to make a wiki article on fake bedwetting to get diapers... But all the article will say will be:
    Don't do it!

    It is never a good idea. Your parents won't get you diapers, they will take you to a doctor! And the doctor will either realise that you are faking (this means you're in trouble) or will give you medication or examine you (you won't like this). It's very unlikely that (s)he'll say "Yeah, just wear diapers".

    The only suggestion for getting diapers that I can think of is to go out and buy them... Never, EVER deceive anybody just so you can get diapers because it will not work, it will get you found out, and it could be potentially dangerous.

    So don't!

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    As the above said...Don't. You will get screwed (not in the good way..)


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    As a parent, the first thing I would do if my 13 year old suddenly started wetting the bed would be drag him/her off to the nearest doctor, and not suggest, but DEMAND, said doctor perform all the gruesome tests everyone else here has alluded to in order to ascertain the problem. everyone else has already stated...but it cannot be stated often enough...

    DON'T DO IT!

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    i kno im in diapes 24/7 adn i wet and mess and my parenst tink i hav acidents so i can wear al the time11!!11!

    Assuming that you are seriously thinking about that though, what they all said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    i kno im in diapes 24/ adn i wet and mess and my parenst tink i hav acidents so i can wear al the time11!!11!
    what? i cant make left or right of that post.

    and everyone else coverd the answer, so i'm not going to bother giving a reason for saying NO!!!

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    I actually made this dumb mistake of deciding to do this when I was 14. It was not the dumbest thing I ever did involving my parents but it easily tops the top 3 dumbest. Anyways when I tried this many many years ago, my parents actually did not have the reaction that all of you all are saying will happen. The first night I did it they were basically like "do not worry about it, it happens to everyone every once in a while, just tell us if it happens again." Then the next time I did it they got more concerned mainly because I did not even bedwet past the age of 4! So the second time I did it they were more concerned, but they did not bring up going to the doctors their response this time was "Well we know some teens go through this stage in their early teen years because of stress and puberty so it is just a phase and should pass." Then I did it a couple more times and finally approached them with the idea of getting diapers so it would not disturb my sleep and ruin my clothes and sheets so much. They were surpsingly for the idea, and picked me up a pack. So I continued to use them at night like I was suppose to, plus during the day which of course they did not know about. I started using them pretty quickly so I knew it would become suspicious and decided I would just come clean with the truth. Now this is where it started to get really bad, I ended up telling them that I enjoyed the diapers, although I did not tell them I was faking the bedwetting. After telling them this they flipped out, thought I was mentally ill and made an appointment with a psychologist like the next day. Ever since that day, for close to 2 years I was in and out of seeing different psychologists. Eventually, I talked my parents into enough was enough, they weren't going to cure me, and besides that issue I was fine and told them to just leave me alone (making the extremely long story short).

    So no parents did not resort to the doctor at all actually. Mainly because my mom was very educated on childhood development bilogically, so she knew that it was not exactly abnormal for a teen to start bedwetting. Even though they did not it dug me into huge whole that I did not get out of for a couple of years with psychologists. It does not effect me and my parents relationship so much anymore, we just ignored the issue 99% of the time. Although even though my parents did not rush me to the doctor most parents would do that, and I am sure that would be VERY unpleasent. Even if they do not take you to the doctor, I seriously nothing good will come out of this huge fabrication of a lie. So take my advice from someone who has been there and done it...


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    I wouldn't recommend doing it...I actually used to wet the bed, and I NEVER got diapers for it...But going to the doctors wasn't their first priority...But it probably depends on the parents...It is still best not to do it...

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