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    Ok, so I need to buy a couple onesies, and I need at least one or two that are plain and can be worn under everyday clothes, so cosy n dry is out, as is big baby fun. I have a Gabby's one, but I don't like how HUGE the leg holes are, I want something that actually covers my diaper on the sides too :P . So I want people who have worn either Babykins or gabbys onesies to let me know, also if you have worn babykins lapneck, how is it? Gabby's are $27, Babykins are $30-35. So everyone chime in...which one is best for being worn under everyday clothes.

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    How about one of the Abena "Body Stockings" They are essentially onesies.... But in a normal white, with either a tank top, or a normal tee-shirt top.

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    I have babykins ones. Don't get the lap neck, IMO. It's not what it appears (unless you know what a lapneck is). IMO, your best option is the summer onesie (I have 2, and 1 normal, and 1 lapneck). It'll basically look like an undershirt, which is exactly what you want.

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    How are the leg opening on the babykins, are they huge and go up to your hip, or are they smaller? And how is it through the midsection?

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    They're just good They fit exactly like I'd want a onesie to fit. My favourites are absolutely the cosyndry, but I wear the kins ones when I need to wear them out and can't wear the cutesy ones

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