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Thread: Credit Card reader on Airplane Lavatory Door?

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    Default Credit Card reader on Airplane Lavatory Door?

    Just watching the evening news and they were talking about all the extra charges airlines are implementing. The one guy from some travel company said airlines are considering putting credit card readers on lavatory doors. Well if this is not a good reason to wear diapers on a flight then I do not know what is!

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    $1 for a diaper...

    probably twenty-five cents to use the toilet...

    If it gets added, I'll use the toilet, thanks.


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    They obviously won't make you pay with a credit card only.

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    Sense i didnt see the story i am only going by what the OP said

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Piss on the seat.
    This would be an awesome protest.

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    I'm sure if you were a cute little kid and you needed to potty, a stewardess would open it for you without any questions.

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    They did not say anything about paying other ways. I posted pretty much what I heard. I could see them having 1 free washroom and the others could be pay toilets. Most public washrooms in Europe had a fee to use, so I could see the airlines doing this. Not everything has to be a reason to wear a diaper, but this seems like a better reason than most to wear one. You get to enjoy a diaper and you do not have to give the cheapo airline anymore of your money. I wore a diaper on a plane for the first time 6 months ago and I loved it. Did not have to climb over other people to get to the washroom, hold it while the seatbelt sign was on for a while, or use the cramped smelly plane washroom.

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