View Poll Results: What was the first diaper you've ever bought?

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  • Baby diaper with tapes

    40 22.47%
  • Baby pull-ups

    11 6.18%
  • Goodnites/drynights

    41 23.03%
  • Depends

    34 19.10%
  • Store brand

    17 9.55%
  • Some cheap brand (other than store brand)

    6 3.37%
  • Quality brand (Tena, Abena etc.), bought in a store

    8 4.49%
  • Quality brand (Tena, Abena etc.) bought online

    12 6.74%
  • Never bought diapers (yet)

    4 2.25%
  • Cloth diapers

    5 2.81%
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Thread: What was the first diaper you've ever bought?!

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    Default What was the first diaper you've ever bought?!

    The forum holds plenty of exciting (and sometimes boring) stories of people buying their first pack of diapers. By that I mean buying either from a store or online in exchange for money...I'm sure I wasn't the only one who sneaked diapers from younger siblings or neighbors. No, I mean the very first time you mustered up the courage to go to a store or found a way to receive a parcel with diapers in the mail - what did you end up with?

    Tell us, and vote on the poll. With the abundance of different diaper brands, I grouped them into 8 separate groups, so vote accordingly and then post which exact brand you ended up with...and maybe some interesting facts about your first 'diaper run'.


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    It was August 07, I walked down to the local Publix that's about a 10 minute walk from my house and bought Depends underwear. I was alittle nervius buying but I was really nervius about my parents coming home earily and seeing them.

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    Goodnights when they first came out. This was when they only had Medium and they BARELY fit. I was in grade 8 something like 14 years ago. I remember it pretty clearly still

    Then, by the time they had Large, they were kinda small too (then, by the time they made the Large bigger...they were kinda too small, lol!). Then it was depends, then attends, then tena and it's bambinos and cloth.

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    I bought my first pack of diapers like six months ago, it was a pack of Tena Slip Maxi's.
    Where I live the only place you can buy diapers is at a pharmacy so after looking around on the web as to what brand would best I figured I'd go for the good stuff.
    No real interesting story. Was a good adrenaline rush though lol.

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    Drynites. Then I got home and posted about it here. iirc, it was about 11 months ago.

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    As best I can remember, I was 11 years old. It was the summer of 1979. I got tired of stealing diapers from my neighbors and my cousins. So, after putting together enough money by cutting grass and returning bottles of coke, I went on my first purchase.

    I've always been skinny and, even at that age, I could just fit into the old style Pampers, toddler size. I rode my bike about a mile to the supermarket, walked in and almost didn't go through with it. I had to walk around the store about 10 times before I got up the courage to buy the Pampers.

    I hated having to steal them so it was nice having purchased them on my own. After a while, the nervousness goes away and you realize that nobody really cares if you're buying diapers or not. I'll never forget those old-style Pampers. They came in a box and they were super thick (I think only 12 per box). Also, they had the best smell to them. *Sigh* They don't make diapers like that anymore.

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    My first diapers were Kroger brand. They were the generic white adult pull-up style diaper. I bought them about 2 years ago, and thought it was the greatest thing ever. It took me about 6 months to go through them, because I was so nervous about it at the time.

    Oh, and yes, the diapers sucked big time, though at the time I knew no better. They were a little noisy, and only a 'little' absorbent. With no leak guards, as usual on adult pullups, and very little padding (the padding didn't start until halfway down the diaper on the front and back), they were definitely the worst I have purchased. Oh well, it's still fun to think there was a time when I thought a lousy diaper was so wonderful, because it really was compared to not wearing at all .

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    My first diapers that I did not sneak from someone else were MOlicare classic diapers (the blue ones) in size Large from a medical supply store. Yes, Large...the lady at the store even asked me if I was sure, and I just told her that's what was written on the paper I was given (showing her some slip of paper I had prepared).
    I went to a local university's campus and put the first one on (it was summer break, so the buildings were empty). And yes, they were way too big!


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    It was the summer of 1996. I was 12. I biked down to the supermarket in my neighborhood, and, after being really really nervous and pacing the store for a while, finally just detached myself from the situation and picked up a pack of Depends, checked 'em out, and biked back home. After I got one on, I'm surprised it didn't pop right back off due to my "excitement". They didn't hold much, but I remember them being better then than they are now. Great memories. :-)

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    It was in March last year I think. I just got a debit card from the bank, and decided to buy a pack of Attends 8 briefs from their website.
    Attends aren't really a quality brand here in the UK though, so I've voted "Some cheap brand", even though they were rather expensive!

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