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Thread: Occasional indulgence, but not habit.

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    Default Occasional indulgence, but not habit.

    I'm one of those who has a fair number of diapers stocked up, and, at the very least, I sleep diapered every night. I don't have any continence issues, so it's more of a pleasure/security/comfort/sensual thing.

    But a lot of people on here only get to enjoy a diaper every once in a while, for various reasons, and I can just tell that, when they do get that chance, they really really REALLY enjoy it.

    So I'm considering cutting down on night diapers so that it's less often, but more enjoyable. It's also partially out of respect for those without the opportunity I have.

    What do people think? Has anyone else here done this?

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    I do not have the opportunity to wear as often as I wish I could. I think that just like everyone else I will someday have that opportunity to do so. I do not think I will try to hold back when the time comes, nor do I think you should have to.

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    I say as a change-up go for it...



    but don't feel obligated to do any of this because some of the others can't.

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    I have a diaper fetish, and a vintage diaper fetish. Vintage diapers are very expensive, so I only get to wear one around once a month. I definitely find it is more enjoyable to diaper up when it has been a week or two.

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    I don't think that you'll get more enjoyment from cutting down your frequency.

    There's more to enjoyment than mere 'quality' a few times/month. You get decent quality every night...I bet that if you reduce your frequency, while the dates on which you wear will be more enjoyable, overall you will reduce your enjoyment.

    Frequency*Quality = Enjoyment

    You will lose enjoyment, IMO, if you reduce your frequency.

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    Give it a try.... You can always go back to wearing every night.

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    I could wear every night if I wanted too...but that would make it a very expensive habbit. I used to wear 2 to 3 times a week, but now I've cut it back to pretty much only Saturday night...and the anticipation of Saturday night is great So yeah, it can make a difference...and save you some money too I'm sure.


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    I suppose you might find more enjoyment from wearing diapers less often, because the typical mindset is to treat it as a very special occasion. Hence, wearing a diaper calls for emotional celebration.

    However, we each have our own balances and mind-sets. Some people find that diapers are more enjoyable once every couple of months...and some people find that diapers are enjoyable 24/7.

    I've spent most of my life on the "monthly/weekly" mind-set, and I'm now experimenting with 24/7 (Discretely! Wouldn't do so, otherwise...).

    It has all been a bit of an emotional process, but I've discovered many different things about myself--both related to diapers and not related to diapers, and both negative and positive. Overall, it has been a positive learning experience for me , so I am continuing it . However, I would not be surprised to find that I might wish to change my habits again, later in my life. Nothing is ever static, so you can really only focus on the present; do whatever works for you, now.

    Ultimately, your enjoyment depends on your mind-set, so feel free to experiment a little bit.

    (In my message, this doesn't mean 24/7 would work well for anyone else here, so please don't interpret me incorrectly and assume I (or anyone else) promote 24/7 behavior. Please, understand the consequences and don't take it lightly! I wrote about this here, when somebody brought up the idea of inducing bed-wetting; feel free to read my miniature essay on the topic)

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    I actually enjoy diapers more if I bing. If I wear them occasionally, like one diaper a week or something, it's a lot less fun than if I go for as many as I can fit into one time period without getting caught.

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