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Thread: Been away for a little while

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    Smile Been away for a little while

    Hi again alls, haven't been around for quite some time actively posting and whatnot but now that im back at a computer again im going to attempt to post a bit more often. Any way ive been at basic training since july 7 and have been away from a computer since july 1st.
    I guess basic went a little better than i expected, thankfully it went a lot better than full metal jacket and better than what my dad told me he went through. The drill sergeants still sucked but there supposed to. I found out though that it really doesn't matter if your sick or not, if you go to sick call your still a sick call ranger, pussy, failure, bitch, lazy ect. Also they cant refuse you going to sick call, but they can make your life hell for going. They liked to threaten me with getting thrown out or recycled.
    Anyway now im out, abet stuck in the fitness training unit, probably going to going to ptrp (broken people platoon) because i messed up my foot but i have a laptop now tethered through my iphone . So ill attempt to be on and post more frequently provided we have the chance.

    Your friendly neighborhood private,

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    Welcome back! Missed your diapers while you were away for training, or where you so busy being bossed around that diapers were the furthest thing from your mind?


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    i had really been distracted up until recently but now im back lol

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