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Thread: Swedish bank Heist

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    Default Swedish bank Heist

    Now this is how to rob a bank | Article | The Punch

    Short version:
    -Some dudes steal a helicopter, acquire schematics to a cash depot, land on roof of said cash depot, blast through the roof using explosives, and make off with tens of millions of dollars.
    -They put a bag with BOMB written on it next to the police heliport, so the police couldn't use their own choppers.
    -They also set up metal rod on the roads, so that made it incredibly hard for the police to actually get to the buildings.
    -And because the building is so full of security features, the police couldn't get into the building while it was being robbed through the roof.
    -They then ditched the helicopter in a field and haven't been seen since.

    This happened on the 23rd of September. Everyone gets payed on the 25th, so the buildings was full of money.

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    Amazing plan. The whole "BOMB" thing remins me of the Mooninites/Aqua Teens Hunger Force publicity stunt, in which light-brites were distributed with mooninites on them, which were promptly and retardedly assumed to be a bomb. Because remember, folks: 'Paranoia - If it's not an American flag, it's probably a bomb.'

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    that is pretty awesome, I liked the Tunnel bank robbery as well. The only reason why this is better is 1. Helicopter. 2. they haven't been caught.

    Either way, as long as you don't hurt anyone physhically and be as nice as you can be some people (like me) won't mind as much... Of course they still stole money and it will be need to repaid from somewhere which will in the end, come from the public.

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    Damn I'm sick of hearing about this story. You can't turn on the news without hearing about the latest updates (which happens to be basically nothing).

    Still, I guess it was a robbery well done.

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    They totally stole my idea! >.<

    Edit: I guess that makes them even better thieves?
    (Really though, stealing is despicable.)

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    I love cool this crime is.

    Pulling of a successful bank robbery, with no causalities, and getting away with would take a hell of a lot of skill; it's probably a tempting feat before you consider the money to be gained! With crimes like this, you can't help but be torn between feelings of admiration and contempt.

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    *holds you fast by the collar* WAIT just a minuute...

    lemme get the bazooka first ok?

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