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Thread: Greetings everyone.

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    Red face Greetings everyone.

    I'm a little new to all of this. Didn't realize that there were so many others who have similar feelings. I guess I would classify myself as an adult baby, although I also have to wear diapers out of medical necessity. Anyway, My wife and I were talking and We decided to check it out online and that's how we came across your board. Just curious as to how some of you deal with this, and maybe even make a few new friends here on the board who share these or similar feelings.

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    I guess it's down to one's background. I wear diapers out of choice, which makes it a little different to deal with than wearing as a necessity. I'm sure if you look through some of the sub-forums you will find the general concensus of how people feel about and deal with ABism and DLism - as either choice or necessity.

    Anyways. Welcome, and I look forward to reading some of your future contributions to the site Hope ya enjoy posting here!


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    welcome to ADISC!
    I hope you have fun being a part of the community here!
    ~ Will

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    Wow I love your chibi Urahara avatar!

    What kind of hobbies do you enjoy ?

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    Thanks for the comment Light. My wife said it reminded her of me so that's the one I chose. Well, I've always been fond of Martial Arts, Reading, Sword collecting etc. I have quite the collection of books and antique weapons. Traveling around the world can land you some nice deals on objects of value. I really think I will enjoy the community here. I'm not much on video games or television at all but I will watch the occasional Anime or movie.

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    Welcome from me also. You'll find many people interested in swords here, there's quite the fanboy/otaku/fantasy (LOTR, D & D, ninjitsu etc. ) crowd here.

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    Hi, from one newbie to another i want to wish you a warm welcome.
    I read you collected swords and antique weapons, do you mind if i ask what kinds of swords you collect?

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    Welcome to the board. I too am incontinent and wear 24/7. I have found being able to chat with others about wearing diapers is been a blessing. I think you will find there are lots here that have some great advise and are fun to read what they all have to say.

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