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Thread: For people with childeren

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    Default For people with childeren

    Just a quick question:

    When you had to change your child's diaper, what sort of things were going through your head? Also, were you ever tempted to try one of your baby's diaper's on?


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    Hopefully the only thoughts going through are strictly parental and are not crossing over into the AB/DL realm in the brain.

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    I think Anon risks coming across wrongly with his question, but I think we have to face that even if strictly parental thoughts go through an AB/DL parent's mind when tending to their own child, there is still a genuine question being asked in this thread, even if the question is naive and the answer is a unaminous blatant, 'Hell no!'. It might be reasonable for those who answer to explain that seperate mental compartments keep those thoughts very much appart and maybe how this works out. To some one who has never looked after children, that answer might not be obvious. Also, perhaps there is a point when we have to acknowledge fact such as that parents who use (adult) nappies themselves, might know more of what it is like for the baby than other parents might. It's difficult to write sentences like that without sounding creepy, my apologies if I didn't manage it.

    If anon had been asking whether people have sexual thoughts going through their mind during their tending to their child, or whether they then get off on the nappies too, that would be very worrying and if he had asked for these to be described, that might edge close to ban-worthy, but that is not what has been asked for, so perhaps some mere re-wording of the question is all that is needed to save your image here anon!

    Just to guard my own image here, I wish to add, that I would not be cool with the question if it went the 'wrong' way but I wanted to give the OP a chance to redeem themselves before they get branded.

    I am not a parent and I have never looked after young children. But I think the thoughts that would go through my head would be the same as I often have when around young children, that is fascination with how they percieve their surroundings, how they think, learn and communicate.

    My own experiences might make me more sensitive to how I will potty train my own potential future children, for example, being careful to avoid the shame that can occur and not rushing developmental stages too young.
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    I meant it in a completely parental way and if anyone interpreted it separately or dared to answer it in that way, I would consider them to sick and would be calling for them to be banned immediately. I was just thinking that it must be weird to be changing something that you enjoy to wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon View Post
    Just a quick question:

    When you had to change your child's diaper, what sort of things were going through your head? Also, were you ever tempted to try one of your baby's diaper's on?

    answered here

    Quote Originally Posted by injektilo92 View Post
    Hopefully the only thoughts going through are strictly parental and are not crossing over into the AB/DL realm in the brain.
    strictly parental, taking care of your child. doesn't even occur to you

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    Default For people with children

    Having raised two boys and taken care of dozens of other babies, I guess I am qualified to answer this question.

    I never thought of their diapers being anything other than diapers that they needed until potty trained. I never even considered them in the same train of thought that I would my own diapers or anything related to DL/AB.

    Babies wear diapers and they need changing. I never really gave any thought to changing them other than to complete the task. It's just something a parent does.

    I will say that since I wore diapers myself, it may have had some influence on their potty training but only to the extent of it not being a high priority. I should note here that even though the kids knew I had to wear diapers, I never let them see me without my diapers being covered under clothes.

    My wife and I never forced the kids to potty train and we let them decide when they wanted to wear "big boy" underwear. My oldest was 2 1/2 and I had laid him on the couch to change his wet diaper. I had taken off his wet one and was slipping a new one under his bum when he told me "I don't need diapers anymore" I must admit I was a little surprised as we had not even talked with him about potty training, but I said "Okay, but you can't pee-pee in your pants, you have to use the potty". He said "Okay, I can use the potty and I won't pee-pee my pants, I pwomise". He got off the couch, pulled his pants back up (no underwear or diaper), we went immediately to Kmart and he picked out six packs of cartoon printed underwear (I think there were 3 in a pack), we went back home, he took off his own pants and opened one of the packs and put his first pair of underwear on by himself. He was very proud of himself as were we. He never wore a diaper again, even to bed. Only once after that did he wet himself and that was because he was very sick.

    My youngest on the other hand could care less if he was wet or even messy so he wasn't out of diapers until he was almost four and even then it took a lot of coaxing to get him potty trained. He wore diapers to bed until he was six... not a punishment but just to keep the bed and bedding dry... it was never treated as a big deal. Once he had five dry nights, I asked him if he was ready to wear just his jammies to bed and no diaper and he said okay and that was the end of his wearing diapers.

    Well, I guess I went a bit off topic there. Anyway, I just could not imagine associating anything about my precious children with anything related to infantilism , DL or AB. Diaper changes were about the child, not about the diaper. It was often a bonding experience, fun for the baby (blowing razzberries on their tummy type of fun) and sometimes just a quick task that needed to be done.

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    Butterfly Mage


    One of my friends had a similar experience. One child was very easy to potty-train and the other still has problems at age 11. The latter also has the odd phenomenon of not being particularly mindful of being wet or dry.

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    I have been DL long before my last roomie moved in with her 9mo son. I never had a problem with my own wet-messy diapers so I thought changing a kid would be a non issue. WRONG! Mcdonalds poop from a 2yo is absoulty vile. I gagged.
    I have always used baby diapers and since I bought all the diapers, and everything else in our household then I never felt guilty about stealing one now & then.
    There was never any issues or DL thoughts involving my experences with children in diapers.

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    I can speak as a father of two; we adopted my wife's nephew as well. Personally, I tried to get my wife to change our children, me being the typical dad in that respect. She insisted we take turns, and I guess that was the right thing to do. I don't recall ever associating their diaper wearing with mine. In fact, I didn't wear diapers back then, as I was trying to be both the father and the man, and disassociate myself from diapers and infantilism.

    I've always had this theory of red flags. There should be things built into us as parents that would make wanting to have sex with our own children repulsive. Those red flags fortunately are part of my make up, so there was never a sexual connection with my children being in diapers, and my want of them. For that, I am eternally glad.

    Later, we moved from Ohio to Lynchburg, Va., where I had Friday's off. It was at that point of my life that I really began to live out my AB/DL needs. I kept that hidden from both my children and my wife. She never knew that about me until a year and a half ago, so that is how it has impacted on me being a father.

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    Another father of two here. My wife and I shared diaper changing duties. Believe me, nothing other than the job at hand of getting our baby cleaned up with fresh diaper ever crossed my mind. I had no urge to try out one of their diapers. When it came to our children, I was a parent first and foremost. My AB side always stayed completely seperate and never had any influence on my responsibilities as a parent.


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