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Thread: Your Best Diaper Deals.... Post'em Up

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    Default Your Best Diaper Deals.... Post'em Up

    Like it says, what was the best deal you ever got buying diapers?
    What did you find, where... and for how much.

    For me eBay has got to be the best.
    Got an unopened case of 72 Large original 80's vintage Attends Extra's for $25.00 one hour from my house.

    Recently got 4 cases of Depend disp underwear for $40 also close enough to pick up.

    Have seen cases on eBay as low as $5.00 for 80-120 name brand Diapers but shipping to Canada was too expensive.

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    My best deals have always been getting diapers as brithday and Christmas gifts. Most came from my dad, I have no idea why my dad has bought diapers for me other then the first time since I was [U] really depressed [/U. He stated from the start he would never change me or even treat me any differently then he already did.

    I got a bag of bambino's sent to me by older online (non-blood) brother I do consider him to be as much as a brother as I do with my real ones.

    I have no idea why my dad has bought diapers for me, he stated from the start he would never change me or even treat me any differently then he already did.

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    The best deal I ever got was from, Xpmedical was clearing out an old batch of abena extras (one step below x-plus) and they were being offered at like 10 bucks per pack until they were gone. I oredered like 4 cases (16packs). It was awesome.

    The send best deal I ever came accross, was a local store like big lots, that had a ton of goodnite mega packs on their shelves for $4.99 each, I loaded up on about 8 packs of these, I go back a few times a month to that store now jsut to see if they have anymore there. But thus far, only small underjams have been there.

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    The best deal I've gotten was from buying Abena Abriform Extra Briefs.

    Though they cost more per brief, the cost per oz. of fluid is significantly lower; feel free to look here, at

    Attends is $0.76 per diaper, but $0.042 per oz. Contrary, Abena Abriform Extra is $0.92 per diaper, but costs only $0.015 per oz.!

    Of course, if you are not planning to use the briefs to their full capacities, then it would be cheaper to buy Attends and to use stuffers throughout the day. Stuffers can be quite convenient (not to mention affordable, if you use generic (rather than P*mpers, per-say) baby diapers, size 6), because you can carry just stuffers (and an extra brief, in case) with you and change those out--rather than the whole diaper.

    A great deal, if you ask me!

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    For a while I was needing some light protection and CVS was clearing out the Depends belted style diapers for $1.39 a bag. I bought all they had, about 8 or so bags. Also when Depends was changing over to the new packaging, Walgreen s cleared out the Depends Fitted Briefs for about $4 a bag, again, I bought what they had in my size just for emergency use.

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