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Thread: What do you like to do?

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    Default What do you like to do?

    What do you like to do/what have you tried doing in diapers? What are your favorite activities in diapers, what do you normally do, what do you when you have extra time,etc.

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    Great topic, My #1 has got to be road trip for a day, shopping for/ buying near by diapers and maybe finding a new one.
    eBay, Kijiji or a new health care store or two. Drinking lots and using/changing as many diapers as possible.

    Second has to be test driving new diapers.

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    Well, so far I haven't really been able to do anything else besides sleeping in diapers (and using them). My parents/brother are home a lot so I have limited opportunities to try and do anything else. Will have the house for myself for week in February next year so I'm planning on doing a little experimenting then.
    I'll check by here to see if anyone brings up anything I might want to try sometime if I have the time.

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    You're such a creeper, Logan. :p

    I usually just sleep, game, and cause drama at cons. Other then that, mostly fetish stuff. You know? The saying "the most fun you can have with your pants on" really doesn't apply to us.

    I just thought about that.

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    I like to go to a movie in a diaper. Other than that, I just do my regular everyday activities in them.

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    Well, I usually only wear on late Saturday night into Sunday morning. I'll wet it all througout the night, and depending on my mood in the morning...poop in it (but not very often because it's a pain to clean up afterwards) Oh...and um yes, I'll masturbate in it too

    I have gone to the movies in an Abena Pull Up twice, that was fun. Sometimes If it's a rainy day on the weekend and I have nothing to do, I'll put one on and take a nap on the couch...then soak it when I wake up.

    On a side note I will tell you this...the thing about pooping is, if it didn't smell, and wasn't a pain to clean up, everyone would do it!


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    ^ ain't that the truth. Ive worn to the movies a few times. I tend to want to wear when I drive distances, haven't really though.

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    Never worn to the movies before (haven't even been there in a long time). Skiing is nice while padded.

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    While diapered I just do normal activities like surf the net watch t.v. etc. If no one is home I will do household chores. Diapered road trips are cool too, but it hase been a while since I have done that.

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    Depending on the time of day, I'll usually continue doing my normal routine stuff, but if it's night, I'll just play games, or surf the web, making sure to drink alot, hehe

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